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This Is Football unpacks the unique phenomenon that grips and unifies billions of people from every corner of the globe. Across the episodes universal themes of the human experience are explored: Redemption – football’s uplifting role in rebuilding the soul of Rwanda after the genocide, Belief – the inspirational rise of women’s football and two teams who gave everything to make it happen, Chance – the agony and the ecstasy of the fates that humble champions and keep every fan believing in the impossible, Love – four stories from every corner of the earth where the love of the game transcends adversity, Pride – how Iceland’s football Vikings take on the world and give every underdog hope, and Wonder – unlocking the secrets of Lionel Messi’s genius and the global delight of watching him play. Each story unfolds dramatically through the experience of men and women of different races, cultures and creeds, all of them remarkable, all of them united in their passion for football and chosen from every continent on Earth.

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This is Football – Official Trailer | Prime Video

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34 replies
  1. SpencerNotOP
    SpencerNotOP says:

    I can't imagine why Cristiano Ronaldo is not present even in a single frame , the greatest celebrity on planet earth. And arguably the greatest footballer too. That's a bloody disrespect. If you include Messi , You include Ronaldo , there's no other way.

  2. T M75_
    T M75_ says:

    Surely well made ….. but they have tried to put Premier League on the spot light, obscuring Serie A.

    Not only the 1st episode with Liverpool, but also when they present Di Matteo (italian coach of Chealsea 2012) as "a swiss who looked for glory in England"

    Actually Di Matteo was an italian international (around 30 caps) and became a great player at Lazio.
    Going to Chelsea at that time (1996) was a backwards move in the career:
    the Serie A was the Nba of football, and players preferred play for Fiorentina or Sampdoria rather than Real M. or United ….. not to count that Lazio and that Chelsea!


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