Top Gun 3D Trailer

Top Gun returns exclusively in select IMAX 3D theaters beginning February 8th and debuts on Blu-ray 3D™/ Blu-ray 2D™ February 19, 2013

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  1. Vaporvice84
    Vaporvice84 says:

    Ah yes, another classic movie that's been re-done with the modern blue-orange "teal" contrast for the blu-ray. Almost none of the old films in black and white are redone in color, so why the need to re-colorize color films from the last 60 years?

  2. Du Val
    Du Val says:

    TOP GUN (1986) is now fully-restored 3D film? Hhhhmmm…..what if another Paramount movie GREASE (1978) would also restore in 3D? What does it look like? Hhhhmmm… 😀


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