Traffic Stop (2018) Official Trailer | HBO

Directed by Kate Davis, Traffic Stop tells the story of Breaion King, a 26 year-old African-American school teacher from Austin, Texas who is stopped for a routine traffic violation that escalates into a dramatic arrest. Stream now on HBO.


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Traffic Stop (2018) Official Trailer | HBO

42 replies
  1. David Simpson
    David Simpson says:

    As a black man I was annoyed to watch this lady go bananas for no apparent reason. We live in a society governed by law and we need to act accordingly, no one should be above the law, neither citizen or cop. Im not convinced this video serves any purpose other than a portrayal of a young spoiled woman thinking she doesn't have to answer to any authority. Im sorry HBO felt compelled to showcase this.

  2. Lashid4u
    Lashid4u says:

    READ THESE COMMENTS, Black people (who want to believe that white people have "changed", and are no longer racist as their ancestors & forefathers). They used these SAME JUSTIFICATIONS when lynching and castrating Black men …and they used such "justifications" in their defense of Zimmerbitch, who is an OBVIOUS timebomb ..Shit is NO DIFFERENT, today. So, stop being fooled, thinking that you can trust them.

  3. puertorricane
    puertorricane says:

    After watching it came here for the comments and I knew there were going to be a bunch of people defending the cop.
    Racism is alive and well and people look for ways to justify it.
    Just read the comments o hear the cop that was transporting her and said that black people are guilty of violence 99% of the time.

  4. Dora williams
    Dora williams says:

    I’m sorry lady why you jumped out your car pretending to be going to something to eat. Why asking questions and are you serious yes he’s serious he’s a cop. Telling you to get back in your car why are your feet still out and what are you holding on to for him to yank you. Sorry this is a waste of HBO filming I’m giving and doing whatever they tell me

  5. wackedout13
    wackedout13 says:

    This documentary is full of shit I was expecting to see real police brutality and racial profiling. 32 mins waste of my life is just another person resisting arrest.

  6. David Butterstein
    David Butterstein says:


  7. Emma H
    Emma H says:

    I saw the documentary and the officer didn’t do anything remotely wrong , this was just her way of trying to get out of a ticket and it backfired into something more serious

  8. major bu2
    major bu2 says:

    I just finished watching this documentary, they have your watering flowers being all calm and shit but in the clip she acts like a wild animal what a two faced bitch! I want a black cop!! No bitch you deserve a black eye I wouldn't want her teaching my kids, they'll be killed before 20

  9. Lankster Price
    Lankster Price says:

    When that Red Light came on… YOU ARE UNDER ARREST. Your job is to listen and comply with the office. Doing anything more is non compliance.
    Simple thing would have been to get back in your car as you where told to do… You where told to close your door… Thats it… And maybe even a YES SIR! to show you understood with a bit of respect. You have got your ticket and been on your way.
    Fighting the Officer is just bad.. and she did it time after time… (she may not of thought that, but you where .. Your pride was taken over.. How right you thought you where? ) Your lucky you didn't get beat to the ground, or even Tarazed or shot. Its simple, put your problems aside and forget what you think you know as you are wrong from the start (even when you where right). This is how officers look at your color, sad to say. Yes sir, No sir.. nothing more…

    And you ask why this doesnt happen to white people… They first give respect and do what there told, as this can be the key to a good start…

  10. WndrWmn72 A
    WndrWmn72 A says:

    I'm a Chicana! Doesn't matter that I'm 4th generation American. I'm of Mexican decent with the last name RUIZ! I've been pulled over for traffic violations throughout my driving history 6 times!!! NEVER recieved a ticket for those traffic stops by Law Enforcement. I believe because of the RESPECT and honesty, perhaps calm behavior as well as the compliance I showed these Officers. I have always drove away with a warning. I stood in my vehicles with both hands on the steering wheel and let the Officers know they have no reason to be concerned. This woman got out of her vehicle and immediately showed agression. Giving the Officer every reason to subdue her. She had control over the situation but chose to be a problem. Now she's playing the victim? No excuses for her aggressive and violent behavior towards the Officer.

  11. darlene simmons
    darlene simmons says:

    I dont think all the physical would of happened if she would of simply done what he asked , the more she carried on the worse it got , im not saying its ok to slam a woman around but everyone knows if your in that situation you better use your head, the more it got worse she got worse, wrong move on her part , sorry

  12. kami brackenbury
    kami brackenbury says:

    The officer that had to put up with this obnoxious, snooty, female that had a complete disregard for following any commands. Should get a clap ok the back. Cause I would have broke my foot up in this girls ass! So take your poor picked in me self (as your kicking at cops and completely resisting arrest) And put a real documentary on… Sheesh. Heartbreaking arrest huh? Like I said. This bratty girl would have really had something to cry about if it was me. He showed great restraint!! Koodos to u officer!

  13. Lip stick
    Lip stick says:

    The People of Texas Can Abolish the Texas Government for not Protecting it's Citizens Under the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights…Texas is in Clear Repeated Violation of Breaking the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights, Contract of Protecting it's Citizens from the Police Under the Color of Authority… The People of Texas have the Power to Stop Criminal Acts by the Police… Carry Camcorders… Carry Camcorders… Carry Camcorders… Carry Camcorders… Carry Camcorders… Carry Camcorders…
    Sue the Police… Sue the Police… Sue the Police… Sue the Police…
    Sue the Police… Sue the Police… Sue the Police… Sue the Police…
    Sue the Police… Sue the Police… Sue the Police… Sue the Police…
    Sue the Police… Sue the Police… Sue the Police… Sue the Police…
    Carry Camcorders… Carry Camcorders… Carry Camcorders…
    Carry Camcorders… Carry Camcorders… Carry Camcorders…

  14. The End
    The End says:

    What idiot produced this for HBO, she's an idiot, then they sprinkle this 20 min. In with the traffic stop, to try to make her look better. "Can you still pull me over if I'm already parked" etc, she's a teacher with an 8th grade education.

  15. sniper161718
    sniper161718 says:

    Cop was a bit excessive but she did everything to instigate and aggravate the situation. Seems to me the longer you stay in college the more common sense you lose. She had zero respect and seemed to have a huge chip the second she got pulled over

  16. zorks50
    zorks50 says:

    I just finished watching this. Wasted 30 minutes of my life. She was speeding, rude to the officer and fought him from the beginning physically and verbally, yet the Police Officer was at fault? This lady tried to sell an educated Black Woman was profiled and harrassed, but failed miserably and I hope the Jury sees right through Her. She will never see how racist she actually is. Race played no parts into this story, yet it is injected by Miss King and the documentor. What is really sad, when an Officer truly deserves to be called out, these are the Wolf calls that will be ignored….. Sad really.. Very sad..

  17. Lawrence Jackson
    Lawrence Jackson says:

    She was wrong. I think the cop was wrong as well. He didn't have to yank out the car so quick and hold her arms up so high.But she didn't follow his instructions, so that led to the aggressive approach by the officer…

  18. siding8
    siding8 says:

    What an out of control drama queen. We all have to follow the rules in this world. I watched the HBO program and have to say the producers did a good job spinning the personality of this gal. Heart warming music while at ballet class or teaching her kids and full blown dramatics at the scene. Violent tendencies was a perfect description.

  19. francisco anguiano
    francisco anguiano says:

    I was trying to stay bias but it started off with her just arguing and a poor me . She was speeding and she violated the law be a citizen and do your part take your ticket beat it in court if it was wrong and move on .. !! Wow

  20. francisco anguiano
    francisco anguiano says:

    After watching the entire documentary I did not see the big issue that was poorly portrayed in the video . There was dash cam and commands give ms king never followed instructions and resisted the entire time ! The documentary also makes a big deal of her being a teacher which at the scene it was never said or brought up so in my opinion it’s not important because we learn after the fact that she is a public figure as well , teaching our kids not to cooperate with officers or officials of any kind !! What example is she !!? In the end after the politics fold to her poor me law suit she was awarded 450k for her performance. The take down technique that was used is taught in the police academy so the officer did follow his training .. very sad documentary showing the direction we are heading.. teaching our kids not to follow or take self ownership of our mistakes

  21. She Can Do It!
    She Can Do It! says:

    The comments excusing his behavior are fascinating. Why would he go so far when he has training to de-escalate a situation. So, to argue that she deserved it because she was rude is nonsensical at worst and foolhardy at best.

  22. David Clayton Freeman
    David Clayton Freeman says:

    Defiance toward the officer from the second the light went off. This is what escalates police stops from take your ticket and go home and risking officer and the citizen. Why are so many AA citizens starting these confrontations. I think a huge part is that we give too much attention to these type cases. It takes away from cases that we should be using to correct officer abuses.

  23. no use
    no use says:

    This was sad. I think both parties are at fault and both needed to calm down and handle things better. She asks what she is supposed to learn from this.. my only advice would be that no matter what you think or how you feel, when the police pull you over, regardless of your guilt or innocence, being defiant and uncooperative in any way only causes YOU more problems. SO.. calmly obey every single command given, stay respectful and obedient, even when you disagree with the officers accusations. The officer has control in this situation. Never attempt a power struggle of any kind, because you can and will be charged for doing so and 9/10 times YOU WILL LOSE. Yes, sir. No, sir… (Or ma'am) gets you a long way. Show the officer you respect his/her authority and that they will have your full cooperation and attention, to the full extent of the law. You can file any grievance you may have at a later date. Complaining, arguing or questioning their authority can be considered being combative/uncooperative. So PLEASE, just DON'T! That being said, I also believe that officers should have extensive de-escalation training, and at the first sign of an egotistical, power hungry, power trip type personality they should be prohibited from patrolling or policing the public. AFTER ALL, they work for US! I'm glad she's alright and I'm very sorry to think that only this negativity is how she will be remembered. I would hate to be remembered for one traumatic moment. That's totally unfair. She seems like a nice lady and a caring teacher.

  24. Charles L.
    Charles L. says:

    The goal for everyone is to make it where you're going. When a cop pulls you over, follow their instructions. You can report issues later. They seem to have the power to do whatever they want … even if it's morally, spiritually, and ethically wrong … Just follow their instructions … and make it where you're wanting to go …

  25. utube9000
    utube9000 says:

    Hey beautiful chocolate baby – please stay seated in the car during police stops and you will be fine. PS – this applies to all the beautiful vanilla babies too. Stay in the car!


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