Trailer: Changing Sides: Hell On Wheels: Season 5 Premiere

Changing side changes everything. Hell On Wheels Season Premiere Saturday July 18th at 9/8c. Only on AMC. For more Hell On Wheels videos:

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Hell On Wheels:

28 replies
  1. Chris Jones
    Chris Jones says:

    Why did amc cancel hell on wheels behind better call Saul and the walking dead it's amc's 3rd best ratings TV series ratings wise and I thought personally they had more story to tell.

  2. Josh Imme
    Josh Imme says:

    i love this show and im sad that its ending but i think that it will end on a high note. I'd rather have it this way then have it stretch on and run out of ideas.

  3. YouTube 4 fun
    YouTube 4 fun says:

    It may be ending in 2016 but this show doesn't beat. THE WALKING DEAD. AMC will keep TWD on air as long as they want. #1 show on AMC still, and the #1 post apocalyptic icon/phenomenon.


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