Trailer: HUMANS: Series Premiere

He made them in our image. Now they’re out of his control. HUMANS premieres Sunday, June 28th 9/8c. Only on AMC. For more HUMANS videos:

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6 replies
  1. TRDC
    TRDC says:

    the original swedish version was really good. there is supposed to be a season 3 but money is a problem and it might not happen =( . i am hoping this will be just as good or better and last longer.

  2. Mark Preston
    Mark Preston says:

    Ahhh. I like the trailer eluding to the subtleties as well as the obvious. This show will draw a large viewership, and ignite debates in theory and theology. NBD on the potential of the incoming opinion storm. It captures 1 very significant & powerful concept {the vicarious nature of the audience with screen characters & scenarios}. the realism is sure to affect audiences world wide. Well done AMC.


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