Trailer: Like Us: HUMANS: Series Premiere

They look like us. They work for us. But they are not us. HUMANS premieres in June. Only on AMC. For more HUMANS videos:

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37 replies
  1. Scott Jenkins
    Scott Jenkins says:

    I wonder if we'll ever get an actual premiere date. The broadcast networks are announcing their September-May schedules already (with only a few tentatives), and AMC still doesn't have their June publically sorted out.

  2. LabTech
    LabTech says:

    You know what?  Just once I'd like to see a series or movie where the 'machines' are just normal, and not the polar opposites of 'naïve superhuman trying to figure out the world' and 'death incarnate trying to destroy the human race'.
    There's absolutely no reason to expect that when AI is created it'll be anything other than friendly and cooperative.  Consider how bad we can get, and consider how good we are in spite of the instincts, impulses, and urges that make us do bad things.  Machines wouldn't be burdened by that, and at worst they might just seem indifferent in comparison to us.
    It annoys me when uncreative people try to use technological ignorance and fear to tell clichéd stories that could be told much better with some effort.  That's not to say this series couldn't be good, as even a story where the androids have no ulterior motive, and some conflict arises as they try to peacefully integrate into human society, this trailer clearly tries to play up the 'machine conspiracy to take over' angle, which is so overdone and I hope they don't do it.
    Also, and inevitably this is going to happen, I hope the whole 'sex with a robot' thing doesn't happen too often, because that's another trope that needs to die in an android story.

  3. A
    A says:

    Good thing Fox isn't making it or it would be canceled after 1 season. Fox had a great show called Almost Human that dealt with futuristic androids and it was pretty good but they canceled it like they do with all their shows that slightly dip in ratings. Hopefully this show has similar special effects and replaces the loss of almost human.

  4. Tyler
    Tyler says:

    So yea I watched the Channel 4, British channel upon which this series will air, trailer and their representation seemed quite a bit less like the horror movie that AMC appears to going with.

  5. Juan Diaz
    Juan Diaz says:

    This reminds me of Chobits. I wonder if will change between the persocoms/machines and the humans. This is really exciting i hope the show does very well because it seems very amazing and interesting

  6. find out what this fear is About
    find out what this fear is About says:

    Interesting dichotomy here in the US: 
    1. CNN, Fox, all the media/propagandists,  feeds us false flag stories like 'prison break in Dannemora' , so they can roll out their martial law and invade your car and house and make you stay under lockdown.   supposedly for a reason 
    2. Meanwhile, networks classify  shows like this Humans,  under 'entertainment' …..when these events  are actually happening and we have hybrids everywhere
    In other words…
    The news is fiction; and what we think are pulp fiction shows, are the reality.

  7. david smith
    david smith says:

    Lab Tech, you must not watch much of anything, amigo.  Almost every  movie or show about the future features machines that are "just normal": Star Trek, Star Wars, Contact, Alien, Minority Report, Total Recall, Space 1999, Lost In Space, Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, Red Mars, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Guardians of the Galaxy, Avatar, Stargate, Escape From New York, The Fifth Element, Dune, Edge of Tomorrow, Gattaca, Pacific Rim, Babylon 5, Deep Space Nine, Firefly, etc.

  8. richystar2001
    richystar2001 says:

    He reacts to the humanoid like it's a brand new technology… Like someone that's only used a rotary phone being handed a Samsung Galaxy 6. Also she asks to drive…this is a fail cars would be already autonomous with Ai this sophisticated.

  9. narleyg5
    narleyg5 says:

    Robots will never be able to either:
    A) replace humans or
    B) be better than or more perfect than humans

    Why you ask?  well for starters humans are imperfect creatures.  Therefore, how can an imperfect creature create or invent something which is perfect. As you can see, everything around us has a lifespan, everything can break down, and machines have so many glitches and problems to begin with that is why they have to be replaced every now and again

    A more probable premise is a nightmarish world where humans become either robotic or robot like.  This is a  much more likely occurrence because we see signs of it everyday.  We are in an age where humans feelings and emotions are slowly dying and as are old traditional values, and in their place comes technology (which is great, but taken to an extreme will eventually destroy all capability to have feelings for other humans and the ability to be creative).

  10. zinfer1
    zinfer1 says:

    From the trailers and premise I was very much intrigued.  However the premise seems to be that we should be frightened of robotics and AI.  Using the constant example of distracted, terrible and bad parenting examples and an almost constant jealous wife or husband.  At least let me be the first to inform hollywood that I would find a helpmate and assistant of great value.  Artificial Intelligence does not immediately equate and mean enemy.  From how I've seen humans portrayed so far in the program, they are rude, obnoxious and arrogant.  Faced with such a helper, I would tend more to believe it to be as a beloved pet and new addition to the family. This program seems to want to believe they would be treated more as slaves.  If they truly possessed artificial intelligence, why force the standoff'ishness?  Why not just talk with and understand and communicate and appreciate the help?  It's almost like this program is digging a tunnel trying to find some dirt.  We have to find the evil. We have to find the bad in it.  It just comes off as a constant push to find some dirt on, or perceived evil. I am really becoming annoyed with ignorant people believing AI is the end of the human race and were going to be at war with the Terminator. FFS, cmon. It's been done already and there's more to AI than Battlestar Galactica, Terminator & Electric Dreams.

  11. Cerberus Forever
    Cerberus Forever says:

    A really bad show.  A bunch of unconnected yuppies buy robots and each and every robot start to act "human-like" within just days.  Yet none of the owners fully notice.  Its just dumb.  A soap opera posing as a sci-fi series.  And William Hurt just stinks in this.


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