Trailer: Made In Our Image: HUMANS: Series Premiere

Made in our image. Out of our control. HUMANS premieres Sunday, June 28th 9/8c. Only on AMC. For more HUMANS videos:

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27 replies
  1. Damon Cassada
    Damon Cassada says:

    People invent technology to help people, and so I've never seen the point of making a robot just for the sake of imitating a human being.  The show still looks great, though.

  2. scarecrow2297
    scarecrow2297 says:

    So two episodes of this have already aired in Britain, and I'm afraid to say it's not that good… I won't spoil anything, and it is just personal opinion, but the trailer is better than the actual show… I'm disappointed 🙁

  3. W
    W says:

    They will take what worked in the English version, tweak it, and make it even better. It is AMC. The home of shows like breaking bad. It will be very good.

  4. Terry D
    Terry D says:

    I was lucky enough to see the first 3 episodes of this show and so far it has not disappointed me. Even early on you get a good look at perspectives from many character angles and you can empathize with all of them. From what I've read, they are only planning on doing 8 episodes for the series. The original Swedish series, Äkta människor, (translates to Real Humans) went for 20 episodes over 2 seasons so I'm going to look for that as well.

  5. Sanevia Shabrek
    Sanevia Shabrek says:

    @Will Hoh My 2 year old was supposed to have been watchin Mickey Mouse Clubhouse this morning and he must've wrote this himself. I do apologize. My keyboard automatically types lol.


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