Trailer: No Guns: Into the Badlands: Series Premiere

In a world without guns, fighting is an art. Into the Badlands premieres November. Only on AMC. For more Into the Badlands videos:

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Into the Badlands:

9 replies
  1. Carl Deaton
    Carl Deaton says:

    I like the no guns concept, like that they just weren't invented in that timeline. and I'm interested to see if it applies or doesn't apply to other projectile weapons like cannons and old fashioned rockets because either way it could be interesting. I also wonder if they're bonn have bows and crossbows in the show.

  2. qurazy
    qurazy says:

    I was sold at: In a World Without Guns
    Good commentary that guns aren't causing violence in America. Violent behavior is causing violence in America.


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