Trailer: Speed Dial: Better Call Saul: Series Premiere

Better Call Saul begins with a two night premiere on Sun., Feb 8 at 10/9c and Mon., Feb 9 at 10/9c.

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30 replies
  1. WaIter White
    WaIter White says:

    When this show first airs people won't get it at first.  Just like with Breaking Bad it took until Season 3 for people to jump on the bandwagon.  I think you won't realize how great this show is until you look back at what transpired.  I watched myself since Season 1 of Breaking Bad and kept telling my friends about me.  They refused to listen and found the show boring.  Sure enough,  once Season 3 came along people started paying attention to me.  Then Season 4 even more people came along.  The finale season you had people who just didn't want to feel left out watching Breaking Bad.   Get in on the ground floor this time people….so you don't look like an idiot later on.

  2. Crumbusto
    Crumbusto says:

    Is this going to be more of a comedy drama, or take on a more serious route like breaking bad did? Because if it doesn't live up to breaking bad, which I'm currently marathoning for the second time, all I'm going to be thinking while watching this is: "man, this isn't as good as breaking bad. I wish they just made a sequel to breaking bad!".

  3. Mele
    Mele says:

     Series Finale Spoiler:
    James "Jimmy" Morgan McGill now known and established as the more infamous Saul Goodman pulls his caddy into Bogdan Wolynetz A1A Car Wash where none other than a Pre-Heisenberg Walter White is servicing Saul's caddy. The two come face to face for a brief minute for what appears to be an eternity. Saul hands Walter White a few bucks tip, gets in his caddy and drives off…. :-)


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