Trailer: The Pitch

“This is a business without rules.” And pitching IS the business. The Pitch, AMC’s newest original series premieres April 30, 2012. Who will win?

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  1. Nicole
    Nicole says:

    If anyone knows the music, it would be amazing if you could list it. Especially the beginning song. I've tried to find what music is used, but I haven't been able to find it anywhere (which isn't cool, AMC.)

  2. Definitive Penchant
    Definitive Penchant says:

    hello everyone, I found a method to find the song. Go onto facebook and look up "A&J Music Productions" (they scored the show) if enough people ask for the name of the piece, I'm sure they will put it up for purchase via download site. Go for it!

  3. John Puggles
    John Puggles says:

    There's very little decent advertising on TV. I worked in print at a few ad companies and later did music and soundtracks. In the beginning, I expected the people to be fun and creative but they were not at all — they were boring dysfunctional freaks that mainly just stole ideas from other sources. It is a terribly constrained medium and watching a few episodes of The Pitch just reminded me of all the freaks and losers I had to put up with over the years.

  4. Jason Patrick
    Jason Patrick says:

    smucks? haha man they are just people passionate about advertising! I bet your a real softie in this kinda business, why don't you open a sub shop or some other kind of "community giving" retail store? you would do well in that!


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