Trailer: Twice The Fight

Twice the fight on Sunday night. A new episode of The Walking Dead followed by Into the Badlands. Only on AMC. For more Into the Badlands videos:

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Into the Badlands:

24 replies
  1. DarklordVor
    DarklordVor says:

    Did they somehow shows that Badlands looks like a carbon copy of Walking Dead? Whoa… (not saying it is, but somehow amc wants us to think that Badlands is Walking Dead without zombies.)

  2. Blueknight015
    Blueknight015 says:

    they did this with hell on wheela….. tsk tsk tsk, trying to get them TV goers of TWD to look at their other new shows, its a great pitch but dont expecgt it to be a great show until you see it.

  3. Phony Haze
    Phony Haze says:

    Gleen is alive? DOES IT FUCKIN MATTER? That Chinese Pizza boy or whatever the FUCK is not getting away! I'm just going to beat The HOLY FUCK FUCKING FUCKEDY FUCK OUT Of him brutally! EYES POP OUT AND HIS BRAINS FLY INTO THE AIR!

  4. Ray Watts
    Ray Watts says:

    I know people are asking about talking dead it will come on at 11. It's not the end of the world. AMC trying to do something different for once. They only shows they have is The walking dead, Talking dead and Comic book men. They need a new hit show. They only asking fans to give it a try. We don't have to say goodbye to talking dead so quickly. Next Sunday we have 3 hours with of AMC. So let's support them. I hope you will get this show a try. Thanks for your time.

  5. Jason Kowalski
    Jason Kowalski says:

    I don't think they would have Negan kill Glenn on the show, because what's the point of having him survive the whole Trashcan Scene if they are going to kill him like 4 episodes later!

    I think either Dayrl of Morgan are going to get killed by Negan,or maybe Negan could kill Glenn in like Season 7 or something.

    Who Agrees with me!


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