Trailer: Upgrade: HUMANS: Series Premiere

The upgrade you’ve been waiting for is here. HUMANS premieres Summer 2015. Only on AMC. For more HUMANS videos:

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39 replies
  1. CHUD
    CHUD says:

    I have to admit,…..AMC has been getting a nod for putting out some quality shows.  Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Mad Men,…..and now Fear the Walking Dead, Into the Badlands and now this……

    Yep……this does look interesting….

  2. Shauna Russ
    Shauna Russ says:

    The Swedish (?) series, Real Humans, was fantastic and very well done. I was so unhappy that it only made it for 2 seasons. Soooo, I'm really looking forward to this new one and I hope that it's entertaining and very popular. High ratings so we can go from season to season until there's a domestic in every home! Oh well, I actually don't really need one because I'm so blessed with my sweet and very smart service dog! Yep, she's one of those vicious killers a pit bull type who will kill you with her wagging tail! I've had nothing but Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Am Staffs, and/or American Pit Bull Terriers for many decades now and they are the BEST family dogs. Phoebe is my second service dog and such a sweet babe, but my first was an Am Staff mix (huge) and incredibly gentle and loving, both so easy to train and twice as easy to live with and love.

  3. tim gersh
    tim gersh says:

    well it looks like they are doing something different rather then walking dead all the time, did you know that the majority of AMC today is going to walking dead and walking dead like shows

  4. Arnd2it
    Arnd2it says:

    Another ripoff of a great show from Sweden, like they did with "The Bridge".  Watch the original show with subtitles instead.  It's called "Real Humans".  (The original show in Sweden was broadcast on SVT under the name "Akta Manniskor".)


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