Trailer: Vision: Hell on Wheels: Season 4 Premiere

Don’t miss the Season 4 premiere of Hell on Wheels, Sat., August 2nd at 9/8c. Only on AMC. For more Hell On Wheels videos:

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Hell On Wheels:

24 replies
  1. Carlos Pineiro
    Carlos Pineiro says:

    Though I wasn't too keen on the main story of season 3 with the being slaved by the morons, forced to marry and town ran by the swede.. but the historical how they did it part was great. Telegraph poles, finding water and making a pump windmill, lawlessness, people dying everyday, meeting rail distance goals, the creation of the largest rail hub in the middle of nothing from nothing, dealing and wheeling for food, land grabbing conflicts, ect. Yea, I'm a fan and very excited for the new season!

  2. DarkMagicianMailman
    DarkMagicianMailman says:

    Love the show, but felt season 3 was fairly weak.  Want to get back on the revenge plot from S1 and S2.  S3 had too much railroad business.  For awhile it seemed like a railroad problem of the week.  This trailer looks good though.

  3. shotgunshawzy
    shotgunshawzy says:

    WAIT A MINUTE HERE that aint Bohannons wife thats in the 3rd season did she fucking die or somthing? haha they have cast some hollywood pornstar for his wife in the 4rth season lmao

  4. 54markl
    54markl says:

    Hell on Wheels, one of the greatest shows ever made. That Thor Gundersson knocks me out, he is just amazing. The rest of the cast is just perfect, the guy playing Bohannon is the new Clint Eastwood! Keep up the great work!


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