Trailer: Welcome to the Family: The Night Manager: Series Premiere

From master of suspense, John Le Carré, comes The Night Manager. A new 6-part miniseries event starring Tom Hiddleston and Hugh Laurie. Premieres Tuesday, April 19 on AMC. For more The Night Manager:

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The Night Manager:

37 replies
  1. Death is A Businessman
    Death is A Businessman says:

    Glad to see House has become a Night Manager. Was wondering what he would do with himself after he retired from cynically jeering people with medical conditions. I bet hes gonna be a real dick to the tenants hes managing. Or whatever the fuck hes doing.

  2. blackice11z
    blackice11z says:

    Here I was watching the trailer in IMDb wondering "what movie could afford Tom Hiddleston and still use absolute shit colour filters?!" when 'An AMC Original Series' shows up and it all makes sense….

  3. bluebeanbaby
    bluebeanbaby says:

    American Television is fantastic but the advertisement editing for them, as well as films are so horrendously done, I wouldn't have had any interest this show if not having seen the original ads on the BBC.

  4. Grant
    Grant says:

    So, after Wilson die from cancer, House is depressed and jobless, so he got a fake ID and adopt British accent and then became a mafia boss; that sounds totally make sense…


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