Trailer: Where Has It Gotten Me?: Better Call Saul: Season Premiere

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40 replies
  1. Relent
    Relent says:

    Ok, I've never seen better call saul, and I have this question. Does better call saul take place before breaking bad? I ask as I see mike in the trailer and he dies near the end of season 5 in breaking bad.

  2. Jake Soulvie
    Jake Soulvie says:

    I want to see the next season be about after the events after Breaking Bad, where he becomes discovered after changing his identity and has to run from the police and seek asylum in Russia or something

  3. katrph91
    katrph91 says:

    I've been looking forward to this. Season 1 was great. It's been both fascinating and disturbing watching the transformation from Slippin' Jimmy, to Jimmy McGill and now progressing into Saul.

  4. Jiggley Krowzer
    Jiggley Krowzer says:

    As a die hard fan of Breaking Bad since day one when it first aired in 2008, I had absurdly HUGE expectations for Better Call Saul, and I can honestly say that by the second half of the first season, it already surpassed my expectations. It was amazing. It stood PERFECTLY on it's own 2 legs through great writing of plot AND characters. I cannot fucking wait for season 2.


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