Trailer: Where to Start: Mad Men: Season 7

Featuring music from the Alabama Shakes. Don’t miss the final episodes of Mad Men, returning April 5th, only on AMC. For more Mad Men videos:

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20 replies
  1. Kacy George
    Kacy George says:

    I am so sad that I just started watching the show a couple weeks ago. I of course binged it and now the final episodes are about to be released. One of the greatest anthology shows on television with characters that are brilliantly crafted and storylines that you would not expect; unless it's Draper cheating on his significant other. 

  2. TstormVA2012
    TstormVA2012 says:

    They should have NEVER split the final season. Last "season" was boring. It's been so long…I don't really care anymore.

    The last season had to few episodes so the academy excluded Man Men during the last Emmy awards.  My only hope is that Jon Hamm receives the Emmy he deserves.  That scene with the Hershey executives was BRILLIANT.

  3. sivasandoz
    sivasandoz says:

    I worked at Los Angeles Center Studios for a short time, and was lucky enough to see the SC&P set shortly before they disassembled it. It certainly is the end of an era. 

  4. ndogg20
    ndogg20 says:

    Looks like Don is loosening up this season. He's added another whole inch to his sideburns ! Love how they get the the era's style down right . Usualy when a period piece is done its over the top cliched . The 50s : all guys wore leather jackets  and the girls wore poodle skirts . The 60s: all the guys had long hair , well they didn't ,its why hippies and rockers stood out . Most folks in the 60s for the most part looked like it was the 50s (sans the leather jackets and poodle skirts). Kudos to the Mad Men costume dept.

  5. Cate
    Cate says:

    Chills. And as much as comparing "Breaking Bad" and "Mad Men" is like comparing apples and oranges (and both are fantastic shows), I do think the end of "Mad Men" will hurt a little more. The memories, man. You love these characters despite their flaws. 

  6. RossardJames
    RossardJames says:

    Man I love this trailer for some reason. Great music choice.

    Also, I already miss Mad Men dearly. One of my favourite shoes ever. Can't wait to watch through it all on blu-ray.


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