Triumph's Summer Election Special 2016 Trailer (Official) • Triumph on Hulu

TRIUMPH makes his return to the Presidential campaign trail where he covers delegates, protesters, and the major players. The all-new special premieres Thursday, August 11 only on Hulu.

Watch Triumph’s first election special now:
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  1. Louis Berroa
    Louis Berroa says:

    Politics, politicians and their demagoguery along with their stupidity full of nonsense are destroying our country and our PLANET EARTH all in the name of POWER, SELFISHNESS AND GREED. Right now we don't even have a good choice for a president to vote for as we speak. All our choices are a bunch of imbeciles that don't even know what to do with their own lives in a correct maner. This world is lost because of these idiots and those that support them.


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