TURN: Washington's Spies: Revolutionary

“They have spies everywhere. We need the same.” On April 6, experience the Untold Story of America’s First Spy Ring. Only on AMC. For more Turn videos: http://goo.gl/3cTVYC.

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42 replies
  1. ChrisMathers3501
    ChrisMathers3501 says:

    This show looks fucking AWESOME.  I almost wish I wasn't in college at the moment so I could actually have some time to me, myself, and my TV.  I might not be able to catch the show while it's airing but you can bet your ass I'll be picking up the DVD as soon as I can get it.

  2. sianide1134
    sianide1134 says:

    Just watched the first episode..loved it! There are some dumb asses out there giving this show bad reviews..It's awesome…love when they kill redcoats! Yeaaa buddy.

  3. Amerikinz14
    Amerikinz14 says:

    This looks so cool! Shoutout to The Hamilcast who introduced me to this series and the 2008 miniseries “John Adams”. This concept is so cool. I am an American History enthusiast especially with the American Revolution! This American spy thing reminds me of Nathan Hale, Who was also an American spy! Can’t wait to watch this!!!

  4. CJ
    CJ says:

    Really liked this series. Wish they'd do more similar shows. Could do without some of the sex scenes. Not sure why they have to force that into every show.


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