TURN: Washington’s Spies: ‘Saving Hewlett’ Talked About Scene Ep. 406

Abe’s plan to kill Hewlett suddenly becomes an attempt to save him. Don’t miss the next episode of TURN: Washington’s Spies, Saturday, July 22 at 9/8c on AMC.


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TURN: Washington’s Spies Talked About Scene: Season 4, Episode 6

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14 replies
  1. Andy Berry
    Andy Berry says:

    Major Hewlett Loved Science and Astronomy More than anything and that is all he wanted to do was live a life studying the stars.
    I have to say i was wasn't too sure about the character for a while then I saw this and I'm like HES AWESOME!

  2. Richard Kane
    Richard Kane says:

    Hewlett really grew on me, and he grew as a character. I realize his presence is fictionalized, but he's an amalgam of many other British Officers whom did exist. They were very complex and complicated. One fascinating observation and opinion, I think that he stopped wearing the wig, aside from changing jobs, because he's finished with pretending to be somebody he isn't. He's embraced that he wants to be a man of science, and won't be a doormat any longer. Not for Anna Strong, not for Abe (although the two men do share a mutual respect and possibly admiration?) and certainly NOT for Simcoe!


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