United Skates (2019) | Official Trailer | HBO

As America’s last standing roller rinks are threatened with closure, United Skates spotlights a community of thousands who fight to save the underground African-American subculture of roller skating.


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38 replies
  1. ThisDigOl'Bi©k!
    ThisDigOl'Bi©k! says:

    I just watched it. Of course it was about race….
    "On white nights. No security no police but on black night, tons of security and tons of police" – black soman2

    blah blah blah. As if there is such a dividing night anyways.

    Facts, on those said nights, on "white nights" its much calmer not 1/3 of the amount of people, a different crowd and rarely drama. On "black nights", its hip hop music and draws a different crowd. Place is packed to the rafters and there is always beef mulitple times in a night.

    Enough is enough. Look in the mirror and quit playing the poor me im a victim bullshit. Its beyond getting old now ppl!

    Everything has to be so dividing now a days its disgusting.

  2. Chris Houston
    Chris Houston says:

    Omg are you seriously fucking tellimg me that closing skate rinks is a racist plot? Give me a fucking break. You liberals have reached an entire new level of stupidity with this one. HBO is pure garbage

  3. EVANS
    EVANS says:

    I watched. I live in nc. There are EIGHT rinks within 30min of my home. Greensboro north has a thriving"adult night". The guy from nc was either lying, exaggerating-but truly mistaken. There are more than 14 rinks in nc.there is a black skate culture in nc.

  4. Amy Schulte
    Amy Schulte says:

    Watched it yesterday and it was great! I really had no idea that skating was such a big family thing in the African-American community. That’s awesome. It definitely made me want to skate again.

  5. Mrbee Henderson
    Mrbee Henderson says:

    Thanks HBO for putting our story out. Just need it released to other venues so everyone can see that they are closing Skating Rinks down all across the USA. Those are my friends and skate family. Love them ALL

  6. Zach Richie
    Zach Richie says:

    Man I miss skating, grew up doing it my whole life. Both my parents were skaters and worked at my hometown rink (skate castle in Decatur Al) just closed the doors, new owner ran the place in the ground.

  7. Elaena Musitano
    Elaena Musitano says:

    What a great program, and the dancing was soooooooooo grooved!!!!!! Its sick that capitalism is dividing the people and shutting down all these rinks. Im in the UK and it happened here, same as in the USA they started closing down the rinks in the late 80s. Theyve closed down 90% of the ice and roller rinks, the music venues, litterally all the great places people united at, they want us at home alone, broken and divided. This show is inspirational to see the great community and how despite shutting down venues people got it together to reopen World on Wheels and celebrate life. Power to the people !!!!!!!

  8. wood wood
    wood wood says:

    why for black people and it doesn't say anything about anyone else? that media is not accurate at all, there are skaters all over the united states from every background.


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