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The countdown is on 💥 Marvel Studios’ “WandaVision” starts streaming Friday on Disney+.

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39 replies
  1. Shakun Relhan
    Shakun Relhan says:

    Theory : this is just a world made by Wanda, as a result of shock after losing vision. This is an ideal life that Wanda wanted to have had with vision…

    Had this theory since release and it gets stronger as we know more… Until now..

    Sword team(or whatever) is just ppl from real world trying to end this Wanda's imagination world, why not? U can think of many reasons..

    This series seems to me the only series which u can consider in MCU as other series are out of it and that stuff is hence not yet introduced in MCU..

    Dr Strange could maybe be called to help to get Wanda back.. idk

    About Loki it's completely blank, the best I can tell is, that the Loki is now a villain as the Loki from past escaped, he went to other universe idk y, cause the same didn't happened with red skull ? Anyways can't argue bout this…

  2. George Saviour
    George Saviour says:

    Vision (from another timeline) is alive and he is not inside the energy field but outside . He will get into that energy field and investigate about what is happening there, where is Wanda, and will also be reading the minds of people there (for eg, the mind of Agnes) to investigate further. Let me remind you that Captain America has already returned the mind stone back to Vision at a certain timeline (as you may understand from 'Avengers Endgame'). The dead Vision and the alive Vision (the one who got the mind stone from Captain A.) are from different timelines.
    By the way, someone is definitely convincing (or maybe influencing or persuading) Wanda to make this "artificial" Westview reality possible.

  3. Eliteman marvel fan
    Eliteman marvel fan says:

    well good luck with your happy ever after wanda before it been taken from you and then you will go all crazy on doctor strange and kill many people all in the name of loving her family and again she will stop bring the past back so wanda + rocks = fake death maybe real who know the mcu still needs her but she better not cost trubble again.


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