Unseen | Official Trailer | Netflix

From the producers of Blood And Water comes a new thrilling drama. #UNSEEN arrives March 29. Only on Netflix.

UNSEEN is a thought-provoking crime thriller about a timid and seemingly common cleaning lady, Zenzi Mwale, who while undertaking a desperate search for her husband who went missing after his release from prison, unexpectedly commits the murder of a crime syndicate’s key player.

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About Netflix:
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Unseen | Official Trailer | Netflix

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  1. HURRRScoince
    HURRRScoince says:

    Fix your incredily stupid recommendation system. I watched 20 minutes of a SINGLE Korean Drama and now you guys are FLOODING all of my suggestions with nothing by KDramas. I don't even like KOREA why the hell would I watch nothing but KDramas when you have a BUNCH OF OTHER OPTIONS!! STOP WITH THE KDRAMA BULL!!! I'M SICK OF IT!! I LIVE IN AMERICA AND NOT KOREA NOR AM I KOREA I DON'T GIVE A FLYING HELL ABOUT KOREANS OR THEIR STUPID DRAMAS!!!!

  2. Shadowbacker
    Shadowbacker says:

    Really? Not one comment about how she looks like Charlize Theron in the thumbnail? SO much so that I clicked on this just to make sure it wasn't some bizarre movie with Theron in blackface?


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