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Ya’ll know we’re never gonna stop. #PowerGhost returns THIS NOVEMBER 💥 #PowerForce coming early 2022

#PowerNeverEnds #STARZ

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35 replies
  1. Jakevious Pollard
    Jakevious Pollard says:

    I got it
    Power book 1: this is the beginning
    Power book 2: picking up where we left off
    Power book 3: this is where it all started/ or in case you didn’t have enough power
    Power book 4: picking up the peices
    Power book 5: some extra power for you

  2. SV DaGoat
    SV DaGoat says:

    Some how some way they need to tie the return of Ghost into all this like 2023 / 2024 he comes back and this shit is full circle, after watching all those conspiracy theories etc. he'll be back.

  3. Tony Pascavage
    Tony Pascavage says:

    I think ALL of us TRUE Power fanatics are still amazed, baffled and fu*** excited that Tommy actually lived.. OUT OF ALL PEOPLE! keep it 100.. we all thought there was no way in HELLLLLL Tommy was making it to the season finale of Power let alone MULTIPLE SPONOFFS

  4. TheOne 2124
    TheOne 2124 says:

    So we getting raising kanan and it looks like the week after we’re getting BMF then after that ghost season 2 and I’m guessing after that in the first 2-3 weeks of February we’re getting book 4 force

  5. LetsTalkFrankly
    LetsTalkFrankly says:

    1️⃣ POWER : Ghost wanted to get out of the game and go legit. He FAILED
    2️⃣ GHOST : Tariq wants to get his inheritance. Will he succeed ❓
    3️⃣ RAISING KANAN : Kanan will want to get into the business and become an untouchable kingpin. At the end, he's gonna FAIL
    4️⃣ FORCE : Tommy will manage to get a new start without Ghost. Will he have his whole potential at the end ❓
    5️⃣ INFLUENCE : Rashad Tate will run for being the first African American governor of New York. What will be his fate ❓

  6. Don Colmio
    Don Colmio says:

    Imagine this if breeze is GHOST biological related to him as a father or brother. Why? Because somewhere somehow breeze and ghost's father as told died within the same year I assumed. Why? Breeze wanted his brother or son with him but reality is that the man that is raising ghost has a strong influence that has to be extinguished. Coz breeze seems to have an impact on ghost whenever mentioned.

  7. Tarek Guerbatou
    Tarek Guerbatou says:

    Hey, I was filmed on one of those scenes in the preview. The actors are top-notch and really care about the well-being of the BG and the production crew is super and professional. Kudos to you guys.

  8. Rhonda Sue Hale Young
    Rhonda Sue Hale Young says:

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