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WARNING: This redband trailer is uncensored and contains graphic violence, so don’t watch in front of any kids. The twisted adventure in Utopia begins September 25th on Amazon Prime Video.

When the conspiracy in the elusive comic Utopia is real, a group of young fans come together to embark on a high-stakes twisted adventure to use what they uncover to save themselves, each other, and ultimately humanity. Starring John Cusack, Rainn Wilson, and Sasha Lane.

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36 replies
  1. [enz]
    [enz] says:

    Whoa, the original had a MUCH different…vibe. Make sure you watch both at least. It's all subjective in the end I guess but this trailer worries me…but will probably watch just for Rainn alone.

  2. Austin Tyler
    Austin Tyler says:

    This looks like the writers of Two and a Half Men went on a coke bender, somehow managed to freebase mediocrity, ran out of money, looked at each other Monday morning, and at the same exact time exclaimed, "soulless cash grab by nuetering a great British television show!"

    Typical American style: little nuance, zany antics to declaw the gritty, stylized violence, and forcing the idea of a strong interesting female character instead of developing one.

    Shame, such an amazingly entertaining and well done series. I'll give it a shot due to John Cusack, but do not expect this to be more than something that kills a weekend then is never thought of again.

  3. Jeff Boerst
    Jeff Boerst says:

    I am a HUGE fan of the original… That said, this is to all the haters here:

    "Ya, because American remakes are ALWAYS bad, right? Well, I mean aside from The Office, House of Cards, Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Shameless, VEEP, Queer as Folk, Being Human, Hell's Kitchen, ……………….."

  4. ProjectLifeCommand
    ProjectLifeCommand says:

    I'm not happy with the trailers, because they gave too much away and spoil it. I also hate the editing in the trailers, and that one trailer with REM music, because everyone hates the music band REM. Note: REM is not played in any episodes, so I'm happy about that.

    I watched all episodes of the original that were produced, and I watched 8 episodes of season 1 of the remake by Amazon, and I actually like both versions. The original did have better music, and a better natural flow of emotion that made the scenes and scripts feel more genuine, yet the Amazon remake actually went out of their way to make the actual comic book and in great detail, which the original mostly hinted at without actually showing that much. I also like how Amazon made the story easier to follow and changed it a little to be darker and more realistic. The original was supposed to be 4 seasons and was cancelled after 3 seasons, leaving the 4th season unproduced, even though the script for it was finished. HBO bought the rights to it, and sat on it for a few years. So now I'm happy that someone picked it up and did something with it, because everyone wants to know what happens in the 4th season. Note, this all ends at the end of season 4. How will it end?

  5. ProjectLifeCommand
    ProjectLifeCommand says:

    Channel 4 British version was supposed to be four seasons, but cancelled after three seasons.

    Amazon Prime Video American version can now give us the four seasons!

    The fourth season script was finished, but it has never been produced.

  6. metaspherz
    metaspherz says:

    I saw Raine Wilson in an interview where he described UTOPIA as a cross between a Tarantino film and STRANGER THINGS meets CONTAGION. I agree but without STRANGER THINGS. It wasn't that fun. However, it's not a bad show, if you overlook a lot of its flaws and over-the-top violence. It was kind of entertaining watching people reacting to all of the horrible circumstances, surprises, suspense, and scares. Like one character said, "I'd like to go ten minutes without peeing my pants!"

    The plot certainly kept me guessing throughout, but it was one of the most shocking and relentlessly brutal made-for-cable series that I've ever seen. There was one scene right out of LEON THE PROFESSIONAL (as seen in the trailer above, so no spoiler alert) where the bad guys knock on a series of doors and then shoot the person in the head who answered. The scene went on for a while. I stopped counting corpses at 25 in the first two episodes and that didn't include all the children that had succumbed to the notorious virus that was spreading in several states!

    There were so many horrible things that happened that I kept thinking that Raine Wilson was correct comparing the series to a Tarantino movie since the writer and director must have channeled him repeatedly. Yet, I get the feeling that Tarantino himself would be saying, "There is far too much bloodshed and not enough quirky humor." Truly, there are only a few feel-good moments interlaced with snappy dialog to redeem all of the negative vibes throughout. But, having said that, I couldn't stop watching. After every episode, there was a twist or something happened that made me want to click the next episode button. UTOPIA isn't meant for everybody, the squeamish should avoid it like the plague (sic), but it is a movie ideal for shut-ins and people bored stiff with the typical ilk that passes for commercial television. If you want action, adventure, suspense, mystery, and ultra-violence then you can't do much worse than to watch UTOPIA. It's currently playing on Amazon Prime Video.

  7. Stephen Ford
    Stephen Ford says:

    "What have you done to earn your place in this crowded world!"… anyone else hear this in DOGBERT'S voice? (Except in his case it was "What have you done today to earn your OXYGEN?")

  8. JohnParrishIII
    JohnParrishIII says:

    Can Amazon produce a series for adults without a constant graphic display of vulgarity and language? It would be nice to watch something other than Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood and Paw Patrol.

  9. FLdancer00
    FLdancer00 says:

    To everyone complaining that's it's a different take on the first you watched, so what? What's wrong with a different interpretation! The Great Gatsby, Romero and Juliet have been made and reimagined more than once. Every version has its merits. At least give it a chance, sheesh.

  10. Aphixywank
    Aphixywank says:

    Im confused? They made it look like a comedy!! Also whats up with the cast? They look so annoying. Not going to have a patch on the originals dark violent and grittyness

  11. KU
    KU says:

    This feels like a parody of the original series. Has anyone who's seen the original watched this remake? Is it any good/worth watching?

  12. Chris Monteroza
    Chris Monteroza says:

    A bunch of whiners in here, did you want a copy of the old one, just watch it again. This new version has plenty to offer and was a joy to experience. This trailer though, so spoilery!


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