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Welcome back home to familia. Starring Mishel Prada and Melissa Barrera. Don’t miss all-new episodes every Sunday on STARZ.

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Vida focuses on two Mexican-American sisters from the Eastside of Los Angeles who couldn’t be more different or distanced from each other. Circumstances force them to return to their old neighborhood, where they are confronted by the past and surprising truth about their mother’s identity.

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  1. Rafael Galindo
    Rafael Galindo says:

    It reminded me sooo much of the L word. Not just because of the lesbian theme. But also because of LA, Cruz in the third episode looks lile someone brought her straight from 2003/2004 (the first seasons of TLW), the way the show is filmed, etc.
    I kinda wish that Carmen could make a cameo when season 2 arrives.

  2. ChoreBoi
    ChoreBoi says:

    Blows my mind how idiots like Defend Boyle Heights are protesting the production of this show. Could you imagine the reaction of the community to a show like this 40 years ago, made by an entirely Latina crew, telling the story of a minority group on mainstream TV? It would be a "hallelujah" moment. Literally rejoicing in the streets. DBH has absolutely no sense of proportionality or gratitude. They need to grow up and shut up.

  3. Nasia
    Nasia says:

    Such a good story! I was engrossed the whole time. Other tv shows I have seen are too slow or don't show the sex scenes and drama. This goes straight into it with pride, which is amazing. If you want to know about this show this trailer is spot on.

  4. Blue Silver
    Blue Silver says:

    I'd discover Vida, while watching "WendysWilliamShow, both actress'es came on and spoke about this show. I have to say, after Wendy show was over, I'd ran to my computer to find out more about this show, and I can't wait to see all episodes, with their hot sexy looks this show is going to be a HIT ! Diverse is paramount !

  5. LazarusStirs
    LazarusStirs says:

    The Hollywood nudity double standard was on full display on last night's episode of “Vida”. In a single scene the viewer is treated to three ultra graphic shots of a male’s penis. The scene also featured several women in the same scene all filmed with surgical like precision to not show any full nudity. This seems to be a theme with Hollywood and especially this show. Hollywood now regularly shoes male genitals (even simulated erections, just see the Starz show “The World’s Oldest Profession”) yet either never shows full nudity for women or if they do they will always censor the female's genitals with a merken.

    Last season “Vida” did a scene featuring a male sitting with his legs open, penis on full display, doing extended dialog. I defy anyone to point to a scene in this show or in the history of Hollywood where we would get a woman doing an entire scene with her legs open and actual vagina (no merken) fully exposed while casually doing dialogue. And tonight we get multiple pointless close ups of a penis. I have never seen a single scene where the camera would repeatedly cut back to semi close ups of a woman's labia.

    This show, as well as Hollywood as a whole, now regularly shows porn level nudity for males, while the female nudity is no more graphic than it was in the 70s. Male genitalia are regular shown, while women are strategically shot to not show the crotch or it is concealed with a merken.

    I think it’s safe to say that if “Vida”, or Hollywood in general was regularly showing actual labia, and open leg shots for women, while at the same time refusing to ever show male genitals the blowback and cries of exploitation would be fierce. Yet this situation exists in the exact reverse. It now seems as if one can not watch a show like “Vida” without getting overtly grotuitous “penis shots” for shock value while sanitizing the female nudity. Even a show like “Game Of Thrones”, for all the talk of all the female nudity never showed female genitals (always a merken) while showing male genitalia many times. It is truly a bizarre double standard, and “Vida” is one of the worst offenders.

  6. Mimi G.
    Mimi G. says:

    Very HORRIBLE SHOW, plot really sucks ….and what makes it worse is they are filming right outside my house 1315 S. Kenmore Ave. Yet it says it's being film in east L.a, second all the cast are white racist assholes who talk shit about every latino who passes by the production crew… I'm not sure if they get upset cause people are passing by and they are filming but HELLO your in a busy street yet you close 4 dammed blocks for your production cast! There is not ONE LATINO person in that crew cast yet they get very angry and tell us to fuck off when they are filming! Horrible, Sad people should take there filming crew to its REAL LOCATION EAST L.A NOT PICO UNION AND BE UPSET AT THE PEOPLE TRYING TO WALK BY!!!!!!

  7. Daniel Shephard
    Daniel Shephard says:

    Is there a hidden barrio in East LA where Hispanic women, famous for being conservative sexually doing this sort of stuff. Man, I guess these new generations have gonna over to the other side. While it makes an interesting story and I'm sure Hollywood loves it, but damn it way off. Yea, it gives a lot of people jobs, but its completely selling out the culture, roots, respect for mothers and etc. Yea, a A for attention, a zero for honesty.

  8. c.v.11
    c.v.11 says:

    This show looks cringey as fuck. The characters look so stereotypical Latino. And on top of that as if having the whole crew be made of Latinos is gonna help. I’m Latino as well but damn

  9. Shake & Bake
    Shake & Bake says:

    This show makes decent Latin people look like out of control oversexualized freaks. Pushing the bullshit Latin x fallacy. Garbage sadly. Had promise, but the writers and producers chose to show these people in a crap manner. And now we have people on the other side of the globe praising it and thinking that this is what latinos in the United States are like… Just horrific.


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