Virgin River Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Engagement. Babies. Heartbreak. Murder. For a small town, Virgin River has its fair share of drama — and Mel Monroe is often in the middle of it.


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Virgin River Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

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  1. Ana Léa
    Ana Léa says:

    I’m gonna be the negative Nancy of this comment section, but I don’t like this show. Hope is getting on my last nerve she is too noisy she even ruined doc’s proposal and Announced the pregnancy to everybody. I’m sorry to say but This pregnancy is driving me crazy. It’s the most basic plot twist ever

  2. Elisa Maza
    Elisa Maza says:

    I mean I’m glad for the crew that their show continues.
    But when „virgin river“ gets another season – WHY did „GLOW“ get cancelled??!?
    WHY, Netflix?!?!

  3. Glenn Reimers
    Glenn Reimers says:

    This is truly the most beautiful film I have seen ,, It’s set in the picturesque mountains and the river,! The cast is great-especially the very beautiful Mel Monroe, who is my kind of woman!,!
    Thanks for sharing this lovely film with your fan’s! Can’t wait for season 4 to start!!

  4. Gina Petolicchio
    Gina Petolicchio says:

    In 10:12 in season one episode 8 it's called small town by blues saraceno at the end of season 2 episode 2 if she wasn't ready and shit like that she should not have initiated anything at all but she did she mentions this next episode but yeah Mel is gorgeous but I wish she'd do some other stuff with her hair like a cute braided crown into an updo would look so cute on her or any kind of braided hair do just please do something different with her hair I don't like how she wasn't invited to her dead husbands memorial she's part of the family no matter what happens I didn't like his sister at all when Charmaine says what is this national question jack day? That should have been his line not hers because he was the one being questioned it's something anyway says when they are being interrogated Mel dancing to good as hell by lizzo though is a whole freaking mood and she actually can dance pretty good…I'm surprised she moved on from her husband so fast when he's only been dead only a year or so most people take years but she wasted no time jumping in bed with Jack though for someone who has been mourning her ex and shit a lot to which is crazy

  5. Matt's Horsemanship
    Matt's Horsemanship says:

    Even though I'm a guy I love this show. Yes it sometimes gets too girly for me BUT it's a great family show. No swearing or cursing, no nudity "so far anyway" Mel is so dam beautiful. Her eyes does it for me. I once dated a girl who looked like her. I just wish the ex was more like Mel lol. The ex was crazy which is sad because she is so beautiful too. LOL Hope is sooo weird! I can't believe NO ONE has run against her as Mayor. Like anybody else would do. Jack would've been a great Mayor. I'm starting to like her though but her walk cracks me up. She always walks like she's sneaking up on someone, or kinda walks man'ish lol AND she's soooo nosey! She can't keep a secret at ALL. Actually maybe that's why they voted for her. At least they know Hope will be the most transparent Mayor lmao


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