'We Gonna Be Kings' Inside the World of BMF | STARZ

An exclusive look behind the scenes of BMF from Executive Producer Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson. Find out how the legends came up 9/26 on STARZ.


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22 replies
  1. dila01
    dila01 says:

    I love the whole concept and the story of BMF but its also kinda sad that we as black people have to praise a criminal/drug dealing enterprise as some big achivement. I wish we coulda done better. Respect for the come up tho

  2. YoungBoH23
    YoungBoH23 says:

    Damn. I should've sold drugs with my cousin. They'd be making a series about us right now. I probably could've prevented him from going to prison for torturing a guy that owed him money.

    Welp. At least now I know what career path to put my future sons on. They'll be legends like BMF.


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