We Met In Virtual Reality | Official Trailer | HBO

You can be who you’ve always wanted to be.

#WeMetInVR, the first feature-length documentary filmed entirely in virtual reality, tells stories of love, loss, and unexpected connection within the world of VR. The @HBO original documentary premieres July 27 on HBO Max.

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44 replies
  1. Misty
    Misty says:

    Insight for people that want to know more about vrchat >

    This trailer gives a small insight to what vrchat actually is, the documentary was good i watched it. Been through alot of the stuff in there but ofcourse with worse outcomes. If you haven't experienced vrchat and you want to. Please go in there acting like real people're there and take upon yourself to act like you would irl. Very huge+ because you'll most definetly meet these people irl at some point if you find true friendship. Kindof hard to get into it without vr but don't let that stop you, many people including me also started playing on pc only and're now racking upwards of 10k hours. Not that we're nerding it's just that we've stopped playing regular games etc to socialize with people we like hangingout with on this awesome platform.

    Tiny + i'm not scared of all about the vr publicity due to i really feel like i fit in. It has nothing to do with social standing or looks irl, we're in this together so don't worry guys 😉

  2. Mr. X
    Mr. X says:

    I just watched this, it might be the funniest thing I've ever watched, and that's not a compliment to you people who play VR Chat or were in this.

  3. Jojo490
    Jojo490 says:

    As someone who doesn't use an anime avatar, it feels strange to only really show those with anime avatars. I guess a majority of players used those eboy/egirl anime avatars but i dont vibe with them to represent myself

  4. Kaito Reader93
    Kaito Reader93 says:

    I have never been in VR chat before. But I know people who do and if it's one thing my friends are afraid of is losing the connection to friends. I hope this movie doesn't Villainise someone's comfort zone.

  5. a anon
    a anon says:

    this is what all the misfits & lonely people are doing. its not going to help them. theyre hiding from accomplishing anything of worth in the real world. zombies.


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