We Own This City | Official Trailer | HBO

“We built this machine.” #WeOwnThisCity premieres April 25 on HBO Max.

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44 replies
  1. househeadericmd
    househeadericmd says:

    Bravo HBO for taking the Wire and moving on to an even bigger story. This city is raw and dangerous but the people are real and the city has its beauty and lots of it. You just have to find it. I’ve lived here a 1/3 of my life and I just don’t see me leaving.

  2. Timothy Weaver
    Timothy Weaver says:

    Great cast. Had potential to be an excellent series BUT it was hard to follow. Show was all over the place and unless you already knew the backstory than it was really hard to follow

  3. Abhijeet Kundu
    Abhijeet Kundu says:

    Just watched the whole series. HBO tried to recreate the success of The Wire. But they didn't consider two things. First, The Wire didn't care about audience's attention. To understand Wire, you need to pay attention yourself. Second, The Wire is not straight forward Good vs Evil. The creators of The Wire knew what they were doing. Comparing to The Wire, this is a soap opera.

  4. Izzy Sanchez
    Izzy Sanchez says:

    A must watch. I expected something similar to a cops vs cops series and ir delivered something unexpected. Worth watching. The last episode will make you Google Baltimore crime and police force.

  5. Bill Lowenburg
    Bill Lowenburg says:

    This series is a pathetic attempt to revive The Wire and to this viewer it fails miserably. Bad premise, bad script, bad acting from some very good actors, which can only be blamed on the director. The nonlinear storytelling is two decades or more too late to be considered postmodern cool. It just misses on every account, from my POV. Possibly the most annoying thing is the casting of Marlo and Dee from The Wire as cops this time around, along with the once-hateable-but-sometimes-funny face-stuffing Sergeant Jay from Western now in the "serious" role of police commissioner. I lasted two and a half episodes and regret the time spent in front of the screen.

  6. Jett Morris
    Jett Morris says:

    It’s interesting to see so many people love Jon Bernthals acting. He literally, and I mean literally in every sense of the term has the same walk, vibe, tone, notions, blah blah blah in every single character he plays in every single show or movie. It’s too the point where I know when he’s gonna do certain characteristic behaviors before he does them in movies because he’s so predictable.. he’s a solid lead, agro tough d bag which I enjoy watching but it’s just funny how many people are like a super fan of this guy for some reason? Beyond me.


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