Wedding Season | Official Trailer | Netflix

Pressured by their parents to find spouses, Asha (Pallavi Sharda) and Ravi (Suraj Sharma) pretend to date in order to survive a summer of weddings— but find themselves falling for each other as they struggle to balance who they are with who their parents want them to be.

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Wedding Season | Official Trailer | Netflix

Under parental pressure to find spouses, Asha and Ravi pretend to date during a summer of weddings — but their ruse goes awry when feelings turn real.

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  1. Sarah G
    Sarah G says:

    This movie was refreshing! even though it’s the same trope, it was beautifully done! Chemistry between the characters made it such an enjoyable movie! ❤️

  2. Dominika Wójcik
    Dominika Wójcik says:

    Dyskryminacja rasy białej, tradycji i wiary chrześcijańskiej jest na netflixie już nagminna!!! W tym filmie jest to bardzo dobrze pokazana !!! Ślub hinduski z żydem w obrządku jednej i drugiej religi tak samo hinduski z muzumaninem . Natomiast biały jest pokazany jako przygłup nie mający własnych tradycji i wiary!!! Przejmuje obrzędy hinduskie. Brawo, tolerancja i poprawność polityczna na najwyższym poziomie !!!

  3. Mohammed Ubaithe
    Mohammed Ubaithe says:

    Just finished watching since after learning of it on Netflix and it was actually quite good, infused cultures at it's presence and a good watch IMO.

    Anyone know any similar films/series to this on Netflix?

  4. Rajita Banerjee
    Rajita Banerjee says:

    Pallavi Sharda and Suraj Sharma have great chemistry! And mentally I was like hmm okay, last time I knew them
    from Besharam and Life of Pi! I loved the film (and Pallavi’s clothes omg, the wardrobe was fab). Also, anyone notice how her sister and brother-in-law are named Priya and Nick? Was it intentional or coincidental? Guess we will never know.

  5. ramp4418
    ramp4418 says:

    Two great lead actors in Pallavi and Suraj. Both of them are always watchable but I hope for their sakes they never make another god awful film like this again.

  6. Chittaranjan Mohanty
    Chittaranjan Mohanty says:

    A millionaire dude(who's a DJ btw) getting setup by his Indian parents for an arranged marriage with a girl who's just doing an average job – whoever comes up with this kinda stuff must have been detached from reality.

  7. Arlene Adedeji
    Arlene Adedeji says:

    I don’t understand this chick and her reasoning. I know it’s a movie but do they have to make her unreasonable (nuts). The guy was honest the whole time. She was the one who wanted to play games like a child. Who’s patronizing who. She’s a ninny!


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