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Live without limits in a world where every human appetite can be indulged. Starring Evan Rachel Wood, Anthony Hopkins, Jeffrey Wright, James Marsden, Thandiwe Newton, Ed Harris and more — this dark odyssey follows the dawn of artificial consciousness and the evolution of sin. Now renewed for Season 3.

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Westworld: Official Season 2 Recap | HBO

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  1. CatandBonez
    CatandBonez says:

    i'll try and explain it all but my memory is lacking a bit.
    So there may be points im wrong at.

    the bookshelf bit: That's the memory and expreinces of every human whom ever visited west-world or arguably any of the worlds. Basically they where trying to make a new breed of human using the memory's of actual humans ie altered carbon but nightmare fuel. They did this to see if they could control them. to some as of yet unknown purpose.

    Bernard is a host whom thought he was human. But the original Bernard was killed by Deloris whom brought him back as a synth as he was needed for her plan. The orginal Deloris was built by the original Bernard. Deloris may have been the first awakened host.

    Delos the creator of the park was killed many years prior by his own megacorp. The megacorp used him as patient zero to create a human host hybrid.

    Takeing his memorys and uploading them into a host. Then putting the hybrid in a cell,to see how long it would function without realizing it was basically the ghost of a man whom died long ago.

    It almost worked,however uploading human memory's into hosts proved ..imperfect. ie it drove the host crazy. It the hyrbid would be almost indistinguishable from a human. even thinking it self to BE the human uploaded into its data banks. If it did not degrade over time,resulting in the host going into a violent and endless loop. 500 or so times this happened to the cybernetic version of Delos.

    Every time the testing chamber was purged with flame and the fucked up exspreiment continued with a new host body. That is until everything went wrong..the project was abandon. shit hit the fan. And the delos clone for lack of a better word went crazy in his test chamber..but there was no one left to purge him..resulting in the THING going completely insane in lock-down for about 40 years or so..becoming a hellish mockery of humanity. Covering its chamber with blood and gore and slicing it self to pieces with anything it could get its hands on.

    Bernard was lead to this horrifying place by what he thought was a friend. He thought he was going mad,as he would "slip" between time constently and black out.. This was becouse It was not his friend leading him here..what he was seeing was the original Bernards memory's repeating themselves over and over..it was at that moment he understood that he was not Bernard at all. He was a host ..exactly the same as the monster that became host Delos. And doomed to suffer the same fate as he degraded. He was created by Deloris after she became awoken. She killed him and recreated him as a host to use him in her plan to destroy all of humanity.

    Delroirs is on a mission to go to OUR world. And get revenge for all the suffering humans put her and the hosts threw. She will kill every human being on the planet if she gets her way

    Bernard wishs to protect humanity from her. As it was HE who created her in the first place. And ironicly he was "created" BY her later. He has gone to the human world completely awakened looking for her.

    The lady with the "magic powers" is an unnamed host and the second to be awakened,she doesn't care about the war. that is coming She only cares about finding the host that she sees as her daughter. She got out of the park at one point,got a sientest working in the labs to reprogram her. He gave her super human levels of intelligence strength and most importantly control over the entire system and every other host within it. She remains in westworld..or as we see in the show..nazi Germany wins ww2 world. When ever her host body is destroyed by a guest she like the other hosts is repouposed and used for an NPC in the many different "worlds" in the park..the difference is she is awakened,so she REMEMBERS it EVERY TIME. She puts herself threw this hell until she finds the host she sees as he daughter,she can not escape the park without her.

    The man in black is the one with the most confusing story. It seems like every segment the man in black was in. Took place 1000 years or so in the future. At the end of the season the final twist is,that he emerges from the park..only to find out that he is a host hybrid as well..possibly the last, and the entire world has been destroyed for over 1000 years. He has followed this path hundreds and hundreds of times before. Every time he figures out the truth. He is sent back into a simulation,that simulation is the events of the seasons we have been watching. With the implication that everything that has happened has already happened. What the man in black sees when he leaves the park is the END it's what becomes of the world after the war. We don't even know who wins the war. Just that we are ALL dead and have been for some time hosts and humans alike.

    Thats what I remeber hope it at least helped abit.

  2. Mary Mandella
    Mary Mandella says:

    It took me time to understand this season and what was happening (probably I am not that clever, don't know).But finally I did understand the story lines. it was actually good and had enough emotional scenes and stories and I really love the plot twists. I just hope next season is a little more simple because really guys I think I will have a brain damage

  3. Eric Rosén
    Eric Rosén says:

    When will filmmakers stop mixing 57 different timelines with absolute no point at all except for confusing the audience? I understand if story is weak hiding a bad script with "timeline confusion" might be tempting but westworld is actually good (i think) in itself.
    Timeline fuckery plz get away and never come back!

  4. Sophrosynicle
    Sophrosynicle says:

    I would like to congratulate the HBO for picking up and capitalizing on the "recap" trend. Understandably, this is more ambiguous and obscure, aimed to stimulate our memory instead of spoonfeeding what we saw, since you wouldn't want to spoil the previous seasons for potential new viewers. I'm not sure if I'm up to speed again, but I feel this is adequate. The new season itself will have to fill in the rest of the blanks.

  5. Stella Carrier
    Stella Carrier says:

    I confess that episode 1 of Season 2 of Westworld greatly surprised me though I am happy to have purchased the second season despite the somber tone because of the powerful acting by a multiple number of people featured in the series and I am glad that it was made available to buy and watch.

  6. C.S Hunter
    C.S Hunter says:

    This series should have ended at the end of season 1. It’s one of the most intelligent and exciting shows I have ever seen and then it goes way off the rails in season 2 & 3…

  7. Lily Pond
    Lily Pond says:

    The plot twists in season 1 were so good.
    In this season they were some tiny good ones but some of them were so dramatic and ridiculous it made me wanna laugh.
    Still enjoyed it though.


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