White Hot: The Rise & Fall of Abercrombie & Fitch | Official Trailer | Netflix

Selling exclusivity comes at a price. White Hot: The Rise & Fall of Abercrombie & Fitch is only on Netflix April 19.

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White Hot: The Rise & Fall of Abercrombie & Fitch | Official Trailer | Netflix

All the cool kids were wearing it. This documentary explores A&F’s pop culture reign in the late ’90s and early 2000s and how it thrived on exclusion.

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    HAMMER says:

    One of the black women in this documentary keeps talking about A&F marketing using white people , yet goes on to say that her style included FUBU : a brand who's racial exclusivity is in the name of the brand itself "For Us By Us".

    Typical hypocrite who never sees any wrong in what they do but super fast to call it out when there's an opportunity to be a victim.

  2. jrwathas
    jrwathas says:

    I won't lie. I used to LOVE A&F when I was in my teens and 20s. It was almost all I would wear. I even worked there part-time during my junior and senior years of high school in the late 90s just so I could get the employee discount and, of course, it was kind of fun being known as the "cool kid" who worked at Abercrombie. I worked there during the time when the LFO song (Summer Girls) that made reference to A&F came out in 1999 and they were at their peak. However, now, you couldn't pay me to wear their clothes. Of course, I'm now 40 and have aged out of that brand (I've moved on to Vineyard Vines, Patagonia, J.Crew, etc.), but even if I was younger, I STILL would not wear it. Since finding out how disgustingly racist and discriminatory this company was, I do not want their brand anywhere on my body. Our local A&F store closed in 2015 and our Hollister closed about a year or two ago. I hadn't been in an A&F store since our closed 7 years ago, but we were just on vacation in Florida and went into one because my husband STILL loves the Fierce cologne (I made the mistake of getting him hooked on it when we first started dating 22 years ago), so he wanted to go in to get some. While he was getting his cologne, I was looking at the clothes and they are TOTAL garbage now. The quality reminded of something you'd find at Forever 21 or Old Navy. It was obvious that they were trying to "recover" or make a comeback by jumping on the fast fashion bandwagon. Everything just looked and felt SO cheap. Despite how I feel about the company now, I will at least give them credit for producing outstanding quality clothing that lasted for years "back in the day," but that clearly is no longer the case.

  3. Bruno Hanel
    Bruno Hanel says:

    As vezes eu não entendo. Vou criar algo ilustrativo aqui, se eu for em uma feira para cabelos loiros e eu chegar lá com meu cabelo preto e não tiverem produtos pra mim, eu tenho que descriminar a marca por não se encaixar no que eu busco? A marca foi criada com esse perfil de modelo, estudantes altetas… não acho certo racismo ou preconceito, mas não tem como englobar o mundo inteiro. Se eu for em uma feira preta me candidatar para um emprego, acredito que eu não seria contrato e se fosse, tenho certeza que eu seria olhado torto “devido as características físicas que tenho”. As pessoas fazem muito mimi quando não se sentem inclusos naquilo que desejam, é triste, mas o mundo é assim. Mas todos temosnque respeitar os outros, a marca errou em alguns pontos, sim, igual outras milhões que não incluem todos e nunca acontecerá isso. Não vai demorar o dia que o dono da loja de suplementos será obrigado contratar um gordo para ser o vendedor da loja para não se enquadrar como preconceito.

  4. melissa miller
    melissa miller says:

    I worked for Abercrombie and Fitch, American eagle, and Hollister from senior year in high school till senior year in college, it was a great experience, except all the bad policies they had with overweight people and some minorities, I meet some great people there who are still my friends till this day. This documentary definitely does shed light on some things, regardless of the bad ceo, it was an experience I'll never forget.

  5. 달해
    달해 says:

    I remember back when I lived in America. Me and my mom went to Abercrombie to buy a sweater. I never liked shopping there as a child because I felt judged all the time. My mom who was Korean, didn't know how to speak English that well but she decided to shop there alone while I was outside the shop waiting for her. She came back with a ripped sweater with splashes of white paint on it. She then told me the people at the register said that "the sweaters were made like that" and that it was a "cool and trendy design". turns out that they lied and it was a manufacturing flaw. But she ended up paying the full price for it because she truly believed them. I saw the workers pointing at my mom, laughing when she left the shop and I was infuriated. Not only were we dealing with financial issues at the time, but my mom wanted to buy me clothes at Abercrombie as a birthday gift for me regardless of how much it costed. Honestly, so glad this horrible company is being called out for the nasty shit they got away with for years.

  6. selvin cisneros
    selvin cisneros says:

    As a good looking person i can say that deep down fat and people who don’t workout know that the way that their living is not an improvement. I believe A&F pushed us to be fit aka healtny and not stay fat and unfit aka unhealthy. The race thing i agree is wrong and the ugly person part i have to say tough nuts you were born ugly, so just go to another store. Again this is coming from a good looking person.

  7. Andi
    Andi says:

    Nowadays if you go to their site, there's a lot of diversity in their models now I'm happy to see that!!! I've been buying Abercrombie now because of their new clothings!

  8. Jackie Robetussan
    Jackie Robetussan says:

    Just watched it…. Overweight wokesters whining. In Highschool we knew Abercrombie was for the "Jock" Lacrosse playing kids…. If it wasnt for you then you didnt wear it, wasn't my style so i never wore it. Of course it was never an issue till 2013 when Twitter blew up and all the NPC's started spawning.


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