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As the enigmatic British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell faces trial for her role in the Jeffrey Epstein scandal, this new documentary special will ask what she really is. “Who is Ghislaine Maxwell?” premieres Friday, June 24th on STARZ.

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As the enigmatic British socialite, Ghislaine Maxwell faces trial for her role in the Jeffrey Epstein scandal, this new documentary special will ask who and what she really is, in the context of where the trial takes her on her stranger than fiction journey. Featuring exclusive interviews with Maxwell’s friends, former boyfriends, rivals, and confidants, many of whom have never spoken publicly before, and focusing on key stages in her life, Ghislaine Maxwell: Life on Trial combines top-class investigative journalism and brilliant storytelling to offer a revealing insight into her personal life and true nature.

29 replies
  1. Spacejay
    Spacejay says:

    No need for a damn tv show, they need to broadcast the trial!!! And expose these mfers

    The reason the court won’t finish this publicly is cause they’re trying to gain any sort of profit before they come to a conclusion. That’s the only possible outcome, squeeze the sponge till it’s empty

  2. A
    A says:

    Ghislaine was not as guilty as they want us to believe, those girls were prostitutes who kept coming back for more money no one held them hostage ,she became a scape goat because Epstein is dead .

  3. Anai Barangan
    Anai Barangan says:

    It's still IDIOCRACY no matter how much glamour job to it all, when the main focus on life is all about money and sex. Just like in the film "Idiocracy", "ooh I like money, ooh I like sex". I doubt that there was any important library on Epstein properties. Money and sex mechanics maniac robot monster perverts, pretending to be humans.


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