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The final episodes of Power return January 5 on STARZ.

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From Executive Producer Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson and Show Creator Courtney Kemp (The Good Wife) comes Season 6 of the hit drama “Power.”

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  1. Tatyana Ervin
    Tatyana Ervin says:

    Just a theory I think Ramona shot ghost … rewatch the last episode and watch her closely … I think she knew who he was this whole time but I’m not sure what her ties could be to him . She was the only one still left in the building all of them were still on their way to get to him sooo who was in the building? Ramona was

  2. Don Don
    Don Don says:

    Okay we all missed a major part of episode ten that car was following ghost that's definitely black dude car maybe it's somebody from his old neighborhood possibly and remember that dude from the neighborhood that had that outburst at Tate ceremony that he hired to dig up dirt on ghost or maybe tate hired him to kill him because hate did try to warn him about something but ghost kept talking shit to him

  3. Romika Whitaker
    Romika Whitaker says:

    Yeah you can write maybe goes had on a bulletproof vest because he knew somebody was out to him to kill him you know and that will be a big event with somebody cuz you asked are you so maybe goes is not dead maybe but why was it blood at least it was a o you can have a bulletproof vest like that

  4. Romika Whitaker
    Romika Whitaker says:

    Goes is a very intelligent drug dealer so I'm thinking that at the big event he knew that's the perfect place to kill don't forget truth had another incident when it was a shooting in there and intelligent man is going to know to wear a bulletproof vest but still somebody still shot him and maybe he's going to pretend that and not tell and go get them

  5. The Mask Eater ASMR
    The Mask Eater ASMR says:

    I had to watch the last few episodes of Power over this week, because something wasn’t sitting right with me… and I came to the conclusion that GHOST ISN’T DEAD….

    1. In the last screen that we seen Ghost in, he was talking to Tommy.
    2. Where were the paramedics to help save him?
    3. Why didn’t we see him get put into the ambulance?
    4. Why didn’t we see anyone go to the morgue to identify his body?
    5. Why didn’t we see a funeral for him or a grave sight?
    6. Only thing we did see is a Will reading and that doesn’t mean he’s dead. People have Will readings all the time when someone thinks they’re dead.

    So…..like I said GHOST ISN’T DEAD. And he will be on the spin-off show.

    Unless someone can proves me wrong… I am rolling with that.


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