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After Tommy’s iconic Mustang is riddled with bullets by Ghost, Tommy lays low to maintain the element of surprise. Tensions run high when Ghost and Jason Micic discuss compensation for the murder of his main distro Tommy Egan and things quickly take a turn for the worse as Jason extorts Ghost. Tommy enlists LaKeisha to help with his business while he plans to strike back at Ghost. Tasha confronts Ghost about Terry Silver.

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From Executive Producer Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson and Show Creator Courtney Kemp (The Good Wife) comes Season 6 of the hit drama “Power.”

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  1. Z
    Z says:

    Here's my review…

    1. If the Producers of the show are actually trying to create a spin-off with Tariq, this is how I think the premise of the show is gonna go. Tariq is gonna chronicle the events of EVERYTHING HERE in Power, how he grew up, etc. Which led to his "current life" and how it turned out (in the new show). But there's going to a BIG DISASTER that occurs during the season Finale episode which will shake up his entire world and existence, which will turn him into the man that he is (in the new show). And this girl that he's starting to interact with, is gonna be his girlfriend/wife/lover/partner. "And just as RD said below…it looks as though they are gonna be the new Jamie and Tasha all over again." Hopefully not, but we'll see if the GENERATIONAL CURSE continues!

    2. That white cop thinks he is so inexpendable! I'm so sick of his ass! He saw EVERYONE around him eventually fall and meet their fate, so what makes him thinks he is going to be any different. But what I think is, his fate is going to be MUCH WORSE and someone is gonna MURK his ass!!! I keep saying it, and I feel it! He's going to get in WAAYYY over his head, and as a result, he's going to wind up with a bullet in his head!

    3. I think something is gonna happen where the former State Attorney General Tamika (the black lady who was fired), might be a key factor in this investigation, where it's gonna bring that white detective down.

    4. Tasha is so ill sometimes! She doesn't even acknowledge that she uses Keisha. Second, she still loves and wants "Ghost" not Jamie. That's the issue. Ghost was a PERSONA that Jamie created in order to get into the drug game. And THAT is who Tasha still loves.

    5. Jamie is still trying to operate as the character he created, "Ghost." And he is still trying to start a new life. BUT, the old sins are still catching up with him, because he has not RECTIFIED that karma from his past! If he doesn't be careful, he might end up like his beloved Angela.

    6. Tommy, his mind is SO far gone now. I really think that the coke has made him delusional and even more unstable. He's just focused on STAYING in the drug game and becoming one of the BIGGEST pushers in the city. What he doesn't realize is that those Russians, are only using him as a PAWN to do THEIR BIDDING! So in essence, he's STILL working under someone else! He's not built to be a boss! His calling is to be THE ENFORCER.

    7. Keisha is a ditzy bitch! She REALLY has low self-esteem, and no confidence in HERSELF! Because any other normal person would've RUN for the hills a LONG TIME AGO! She doesn't even realize it, but her actions will affect her child!

    8. That NYPD chick, Blanca is sneaky as hell! I don't know what her agenda is against Jamie, and was against Angela. But the way she goes SO HARD makes you kinda wonder WHY she is so hell bent on bringing them down. That's a backstory that I would like to know.

    9. The black dude Detective who was in the last scene with Rotimi, I think he's gonna be another key factor in ending all of this. BUT, he's gonna stay on the right side.

    10. Jamie's attorney, Joe Proctor. He better watch his back! But I do think he's smart enough to recognize that a bug is planted in his house via his daughter's backpack. Because how else would his junkie of a baby mama, get a job with her history! That bitch is gonna relapse and that's going to be JUST the ammunition he needs to get his daughter back, send her ass away for good AND nail it to that corrupt ass white detective!

    **That's all I can think of. Regarding the MAIN characters and plot twists. LOL

  2. 1goldbaby
    1goldbaby says:

    done told yall in the end tasha,ghost,tyriq,and tommy will be standing…AND tasha is going to tell Tommy to kill keisha. cos they have a bond like sis and brother,and she has always bossed him around…lol..


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