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This coming-of-age LGBTQIA+ drama from Wolfe Video takes place in a rural east-coast trailer park, where Link (Phillip Lewitski) lives with his toxic father and younger half-brother Travis (Avery Winters-Anthony). When Link discovers his Mi’kmaw mother could still be alive, it lights a flame and they make a run for a better life. On the road, they meet Pasmay (Joshua Odjick), a pow wow dancer drawn to Link. As the boys journey across Mi’kma’ki, Link finds community, identity and love in the land where he belongs. Stream June 24.

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  1. Mon River Pottah
    Mon River Pottah says:

    Çok doğal samimi içten müzikleri ayrı güzel hele ki sinematografisi özellikle o doğa görüntüleri sanki ben de gezdim karakterlerle beraber muhteşem bir film herkes izlemeli

  2. Dragon Rider
    Dragon Rider says:

    Kids see your ad's. And it is disgusting, disturbing that your company is grooming kid's. Why on earth do you pay to have a show play as an unskippable 5 second ad all over youtube where a mom says to kids about a thing that was totally inappropriate she found in a dishwasher? Will never ever pay or watch any Hulu show's.

  3. BellA Loves
    BellA Loves says:

    This hits so close to home, being mixed, not having personal ties to my indigenous father so I’m left with a gap that I have to fill in myself about who I am as a person. It’s a journey that many of us indigenous kids are finding for ourselves no matter our stories as we all are reclaiming our heritage and traditions.
    The film looks beautiful and I’m ready to cry

  4. thedrkling
    thedrkling says:

    Does anyone know what the name of the song is?

    edit: found it! if anyone is interested the name of the songs are Midnight and Wildhood, pt II both by Neil Haverty

  5. calumsowhat
    calumsowhat says:

    This film looks fantastic and I look forward to seeing it but who did the audio mix for this trailer, it's terrible!! It really annoys me when you can tell there's a lot of passion and talent been put into a project but then they rush the trailer it just ruins it for me.


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