WOLVERINE #1 Trailer | Marvel Comics

THE BEST IS BACK! Wolverine been through a lot. He’s been a loner. He’s been a killer. He’s been a hero. He’s been an Avenger. He’s been to hell and back. Now, as the nation of Krakoa brings together all Mutantkind, he can finally be… happy?

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23 replies
  1. Paulo Aloisio
    Paulo Aloisio says:

    Sorry, but this will never get close to the excitment it was in the late 80s/early 90s. I see a bunch of whining liberal snowflakes running comics. truly sad. And why were the artists not fetaured ont his video?

  2. RUdigitized
    RUdigitized says:

    Prediction: the first issue will sell decent (by today abysmal standards, by 90s standards it will sell poorly) and people won’t buy the second one. Its going to be woke af and include a biracial transgender midget who shows wolverine his privrelage. Hard pass.


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