Woodstock 99: Peace, Love, and Rage (2021) | Official Trailer | HBO

How did an iconic celebration of harmony descend into mayhem? #Woodstock99, the first film in the #MusicBoxHBO series, examines how the festival collapsed under the weight of its own misguided ambition.

The HBO original documentary premieres July 23 on HBOMax.

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Woodstock 99: Peace, Love, and Rage (2021) | Official Trailer | HBO

36 replies
  1. Alex Pickworth
    Alex Pickworth says:

    Go watch the Netflix Doc if you really want to understand what happened. This doc is really biased and the reason people do not trust the media anymore. They started with an opinion and then wrapped a documentary around it. Netflix sets up the story and interviews many people who attended not just a handful.

  2. The Grimm Life’s Evil Cat
    The Grimm Life’s Evil Cat says:

    Just saw this documentary and all it did was further help me realize how teenagers lack of maturity dropped significantly in the mid to late 90s. Now in 2022 were at a all time low. I hope for the sake of the current generation that another Woodstock never occurs again. The kids from today don’t have the maturity for an event like that. Peace and love and what the original Woodstock stood for is to much for current generation to comprehend.

  3. Jordan Thomas
    Jordan Thomas says:

    My dad saw this and was explaining this documentary to us over dinner today. He likes to exaggerate so we didn't believe a word he said.
    – He said there was over half a million people here.
    – He said a bottle of water was $8.

    Why lie to make the story sound more crazy? its crazy enough. It really annoys me and its his downfall because now people never listen to him anymore.

  4. morgan ghetti
    morgan ghetti says:

    Weird that this only happened at Woodstock considering the hundreds of Numetal festivals that took place all filled with hundreds of thousands of white males. It's almost like the promotors share a bulk of the blame here. Absolute trash racist documentary. And Moby is basically a parody at this point.

  5. Cassie
    Cassie says:

    All responsibility lies with the production manager. It is expected that huge costs will follow if they agree with the whole responsibility. So they didn't. It's cowardly.


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