World Premiere Trailer: Preacher

A supernatural Preacher, a gun-toting ex, and an Irish vagabond are coming Sunday, May 22 at 10/9c on AMC. Watch the World Premiere trailer. For more Preacher:

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45 replies
  1. Pamela Wheat
    Pamela Wheat says:

    PREACHER!!! Since I have moved out of West Plains, Missouri, I haven't kept up on my Preacher episodes and seasons. I became completely addicted from the very first episode. My boyfriend Chris Haddock and I both were just in awe. We considered watching it again because we almost couldn't believe what we had just taken in on public transportation. We enjoyed it, but we're both quite shocked, impressed and a bit confused. Never had there been before a show like it played on national TV that we had seen. We were hooked and dedicated from that day forward. We new what we were going to be watch each week at hour of the night, cause "Preacher, would be playing. Sadly, I'm behind several seasons, but I plan to own every single season which I will own for life!

  2. Albert Jackson
    Albert Jackson says:

    I have proved there is no god. Every day I prayed for $999,999,999,999,999.99 and 10,000 wives, and, I have not received a damn thing. I am going to stop sending all my money to TV preachers.

  3. Random Username
    Random Username says:

    This show is great. Only bad reviews on RT are from pussy ass religious zealots.

    Give this show a shot. Wasnt disappointed. Neither will you be as long as you don't go to church 8 days a week.

  4. Fat Beetis
    Fat Beetis says:

    The first season was great! Very David Lynchesque. The Second season was okay. Third season was "interesting". The last season sucked, they obviously didn't know what to do or how to end it. It was almost painful to watch these great characters devolve into stupidity.

  5. Anton Skippy
    Anton Skippy says:

    An abjectly stupid, utterly meritless, SJW/feminist bastardization of brilliant source material. If you have any love of the comic books, steer well clear of this piece of shit. The idiots at AMC should be marched into shark infested waters and gut-shot.

  6. Ms Dee Jay
    Ms Dee Jay says:

    Sooo I'm just watching this in disbelief… What's scary is that this series confirms my spiritual awakenings. It's such a powerful affirmation it's just so scary. However I'm thinking like, should I report this show to the Arts Committee??? I've cried I've rejoiced I screamed I was hopeless. I can't believe what I'm WATCHING! I remember being a teen raised in a hebrew Pentecostal faith, we were taught every sabbath day, and fasted as the hebrews did. And that same preacher was my own mom. I remember being kicked out my home a virgin, thrown to the dogs. And my life have never been the same. I thought I was going to be a better mother, and my kids treated me so bad. After I was the total opposite of my preacher mom. After I've washed away my tears, I became an older woman who preaches similar to the arts in this series……. But I'm a curious as to what the beautiful feeble minded Jesus indicates? Shouts to the arts for putting a great emphasis on this vulnerable population here. I'm almost a case manager. I fight for my clients who are challenged in ways that need guidance or direct support in some cases. So I'm wondering if Jesus feeble charter speaks to how the worse person the most evil person in the world, can repent before they die and be let into the kingdom just like that! , where God sits high looks low and is ruthless as hell in this series…. Because I remember them saying God has a wrathful personality!! Still watching, will give final feed back shortly, however I am spiritually conflicted right now…

  7. R C
    R C says:

    Dude I can't believe this show was even allowed to be aired. I loved it every single moment of it (except for parts of season 4), but man. A lot of these scenes are insane.

  8. Eldergod Oni
    Eldergod Oni says:

    Seth rogan fucked it up, why did they try to rewrite the entire thing, changes are fine but theres literally no similarities beyond superficial appearances.

    I'm constantly left pissed off that characters are nothing like the source material, like the saint of killers, he's supposed to be an unstoppable killing machine that killed the devil but jesse easily disarms him locks him in a truck and dumps him in a swamp. In the comics they drop a fucking nuke on him and it does nothing to stop him.

    What a disappointment, all they had to do was follow the existing plot but they ruined it.

    Oh and tulip is supposed to be a blonde haired blue eyed white woman not some flat chested half pint black girl, and the character doesnt even resemble the comic in the slightest, obviously that was done purely for muh diversity.

  9. Steve Grumpka
    Steve Grumpka says:

    How the heck did I miss such an amazing SHOW! Nothing less than amazing, fun, and addicting! Hoping someday someone will pick it back up for another season. LOVE THIS SHOW! So hard to explain this show to someone without them watching it, LOL. I'm not even sure what the hell to call it! A bit of everything in one amazing show!

  10. Jose Cisneros
    Jose Cisneros says:

    I followed it untill the spotted dog then it got stupid and stayed stupid, I tried to stay focus on the show but the events were dumb, I can't believe who ever wrote the script did not have imagination to keep an adult free thinking society entertained, it was like it was written for dimwitted juvinials, or complete morrons, if the film was meant for these kind of individuals, I get it, but after hell on wheels or other miniseries that are written with more talent, preacher a disappointment for me!


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