World’s Toughest Race: Eco-Challenge Fiji – Official Trailer

Premieres August 14, 2020. From the creator of Survivor, 66 teams descend upon Fiji to compete in the most epic global adventure race ever attempted. Bear Grylls hosts this 11-day expedition that pushes competitors to their physical and emotional limits. For the veteran teams the goal is to win – but for most, the dream is to finish and prove to themselves and the world, that they can prevail in the World’s Toughest Race.

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World’s Toughest Race: Eco-Challenge Fiji – Official Trailer

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17 replies
  1. C Diddy32582
    C Diddy32582 says:

    Rigged? Medical care at a camp is one thing, but having to have a rescue squad come pull you out and give you more equipment to help you win??? Pretty unfair to the other teams that didn’t need to be rescued

  2. Vlad S.
    Vlad S. says:

    Next time show more teams.. i dont need to see 5 team all around. I get that someone has hard life, but hearing 25 times in couple of hours about Alzheimer isnt much pleasing. There were great teams from small countries like france, Czech, Sweden you havent even showed up… the worse was you didnt even showed them up on finish line.. you did 7th and then 10th… 11/10 to athletes.. 1/10 to post production

  3. Aistis Ramonas
    Aistis Ramonas says:

    I miss shows that were focused on the challenge, not hardships the contestants faced in the past. Don't get me wrong, I feel for people who overcame difficult situations, but it in no way does it belong in a show that should be about survival and tasks in the wilderness. Some scenes were so annoying I was forced to skip through to get to the action.

  4. Çŏsa ŊosŧЯǺ
    Çŏsa ŊosŧЯǺ says:

    Why did no US team win? US teams were either doing it for some misplaced inspiration, trying to drag along a 65 year old, trying to accomplish it as a family, doing it for some social justice cause (LGBTQ, African American, etc), or for some other cause that has no utility in a race such as this. Why did NZ win? Because they didn't give a crap about anything else except working as a team. No ethnicity, no race, no gender, no sexual preference, no skin color, no inspiring cause to cry over, no dad's ashes to scatter, etc. This is a microcosm of the world as a whole… in the US we've conditioned ourselves to see each other as individual units with special identity to champion, a beautiful snowflake. We want so desperately to stand out an be special. In the meantime, the rest of the world doesn't let themselves get snagged on such useless and inept agendas.

  5. angelisone
    angelisone says:

    So much about two special forces from USA. That team didn't even come in top 13.
    It's about people with health problems & mental breakdowns & suicidal doing completions to add high rating.
    Where they focused not much on the real winner.

    But in real life, no one care about you coming in 2nd, 3rd, 4th or beyond.
    Just like going for a job interviews.

  6. Fernando Quesada
    Fernando Quesada says:

    Es una estafa este programa asco. No mostrar ni siquiera la llegada a la meta a tales países que demostraron mejor que otros países ni siquiera dejar ver para sus familias ni el país para decirles son unos berracos y felicitaciones. Programa estafa


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