Wrong Man Season 2 Official Trailer | STARZ

The true crime phenomenon continues. Joe Berlinger’s Wrong Man returns February 9th on STARZ.

#WrongMan #STARZ

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  1. An oledihard
    An oledihard says:

    The majority of Law-enforcement officers aren't interested in seeking justice, and corruption isn't new within the judicial system either. I hope you're allowed to find justice for the many wrongful convicted. One case involves Oscar Lemus and Mario Ortiz–the youngest person ever tried and convicted as an adult in California history. Mario Ortiz is now paroled and is fighting to bring attention to their wrongful conviction in 1995 of the murder of a Seal Beach Arco employee. Orange County, CA, DA Tony Rackauckas, the DA's office, and the Sheriff's office are all under investigation, including wrongful convictions.


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