You Don't Know Jack: Trailer #1 (HBO Films)

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Al Pacino and Susan Sarandon star in HBO’s original movie, “You Don’t Know Jack.”

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You Don’t Know Jack: Trailer #1 (HBO Films)

35 replies
  1. Gigawatts
    Gigawatts says:

    In my honest opinion, if someone is in pain and has no hope of getting better again voluntary suicide be available to them. Who are we to force someone to live or die, it doesn't seem right to me.

  2. leonthesleepy
    leonthesleepy says:

    Let me give you a scenario

    – Burning Victim, with 3 severed limbs, only one arm left, with no chance of recovery.
    – Victim asks to die, as the pain is too much
    – It is against the law for him to die, and the law makes it illegal for him to choose to die.

    Think about that, the law refuses your decision to end your own life.

  3. King Chris
    King Chris says:

    alot of you Leon le saying what he did was wrong. need to look again he ended peoples misery. sufferings. and agony mabey one you will feel what its like to lay in bed nkt be able to eat in pain 24/7 taking drugs that make you sick and giving you headachs. having to see your family watch you suffer. nobody has the right to take your life right? so why should anybody right to tell you you have to suffer. its their lives not yours they should be able to choose when to go

  4. paulj0557
    paulj0557 says:

    I hope the judge that gave him the 10-25 year sentence needs the service some day. Yes, fuck the mightiness of the law when common sense gets shoved to the side. Jack later found out he was protected by the 9th amendment all along. The fact that the judge said ' consider yourself stopped' showed how biased she was. Lawyers play dirty and so do judges!

  5. Slevin
    Slevin says:

    They compared what he does to putting down a dog. If anything its worse to do to a dog than a human, cause the dog doesn't know what's going on. The dog can't say yes or no, people can. And I think the only reason this isn't allowed is because there is no money to be made off death and cures. They want you alive, they want you on their medicine, they want you in debt to their hospital bills, they want on their treatments and they want you on expensive health insurance so they can suck more money out of it. Problem with that is, health insurance doesn't want you if your actually sick. Health insurance only wants you if your healthy, that way they don't have to spend a dime on you but you'll be giving them money. Insurance companies call a healthy person on health insurance: profit.

    This is wrong on so many fucking levels I can't even express my anger towards it. I can't tell you how angry I was when my family member of 5 years suffering from cancer couldn't get medical insurance, had to give up everything she had. Then she died after 5 long years of fighting, suffering and going into debt. We cared for her and spent most of the entire 5 years with her helping her, we loved her very much. We we're moved into the waiting room after she passed and as we we're still grieving they told us her bill falls on us…. HER BODY WASN'T EVEN COLD YET AND THEY HAD THE NERVE TO SHOVE HER BILL IN OUR FACES. I think doctors are the ones that should be on trial, cause they don't care for their patients… but they commit the worst crime of all. Making money off the suffering and death of others. This business mentality has no right to be in such an important service to people, CEO fat cat money making tactics are not for health care or hospitals. How is that acceptable? How can they damn this man then go home to dive in a swimming pool full of sick people's money. Sickening… absolutely sickening.

  6. Allison Hutnick
    Allison Hutnick says:

    I think it's really f-ed up that we as humans don't let our animals suffer, but as for people it's okay. I have been sick for 15 years….went on disability when I was 23, & @ 30 had to move back in with my parents because I could barely care for myself. I feel guilt-stricken everyday that my 70 year old mother has to take care of me. Unless you are really ill or know someone who is, I don't think you'll never really understand what this man was about. Yes, I believe that Dr. assisted suicide should be legal in every state. When you have a debilitating disease with non-stop suffering, no cure, & no end in sight, I believe it's the most humane act someone can do. I realize some people won't agree with me. But I don't want to be in my early 40's when my parents are gone rotting in some nursing home alone. Really think about it….What would you want???

  7. Superr Gunn
    Superr Gunn says:

    I like the idea of having some one such as Bach, as inventive, and positive, over some one who believes in a god of Money.
    I'll prove it to, when you die, go, go and I dare you, after this life, to find ONE SINGLE DOLLAR.

  8. Not Subscribing.
    Not Subscribing. says:

    This was an okay movie but felt way too much like a TV movie, (which ofcourse I know it is) I don't know, just felt a little cheap, I also don't think John Goodman had any material to work on and develop, and the movie itself didn't put forth some of the best comparisons or arguments I've heard for assisted suicide, it just kept kinda beating around the bush on the same thing, idk, anyway, an okay film, just don't expect it to cheer you up, (ofcourse) neither expect to walk away wishing to see it again, not spectacular.

  9. Chi M. Yang
    Chi M. Yang says:

    The movie is so true. It is not like suicide cases of young people. I believe GOD loves us living with joy, not fear or hopeless. For those patients suffering with aging and chronic diseases in the end stage, if they are sure they will be going to the promised place after death, they should have the right to go.


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