You Know Who You Are | Better Call Saul | Returns July 11 on AMC and AMC+

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You Know Who You Are | Better Call Saul | Returns July 11

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48 replies
  1. Bob Crane
    Bob Crane says:

    Omaha has something to do with Kim, as does the mirror air freshener. I'd like a hilariously simple ending, they get the Sandpiper money, invest it and live off the dividends; Breaking bad was just a dream sequence.

  2. TJ
    TJ says:

    Man, the original guy was much more intimidating : / I'm a little bummed at this but I know the writing will still be top notch.

  3. GeneralSirDouglasMcA
    GeneralSirDouglasMcA says:

    I think had this particular actor originally portrayed Jeff, whereas Don Harvey was the replacement, we’d have been equally disappointed. It’s not that this actor isn’t good, it’s simply originality. We’re so used to the original Jeff that it’s hard to imagine anyone else portraying him. Imagine recasting Gus or Lalo.

  4. Ben Smart
    Ben Smart says:

    Let me get this straight, amc could get pretty much every main character (and several side characters) from breaking bad for better call saul, but they couldn't get the actor for Jeff, a character with like 2 minutes of total screen time. The wonders of the television industry

  5. Joseph Mostarda
    Joseph Mostarda says:

    Shame they had to recast Jeff. Like others mentioned, the original actor had the perfect blend of not knowing if he was dangerous or truly just some loony fan. This guy feels too aggressive, kind of confirming it's the former. Of course, them taking the time to recast and reshoot also confirms that Jeff is indeed going to be important, rather than just a catalyst to get Gene to go back to his former life.

  6. Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Obi-Wan Kenobi says:

    It’s just a teaser guys. These lines won’t even be used in the actual show so Im sure they just had him read his lines more aggressively than old Jeff just for dramatic purposes for when it airs on tv

  7. Dylan Sanchez
    Dylan Sanchez says:

    This is worse than seeing Todd fat on el Camino… the breaking bad universe has been flawless so far but having a new Jeff on the show bothers me… wtfffffff I’m pissed

  8. S45R
    S45R says:

    Was the dialogue supposed to be a rerecording of Gene’s interaction in the mall? Sounds so much more hostile compared to how ambiguous jeff originally approached him n predictable now

  9. Giraffe
    Giraffe says:

    If the creators could’ve gotten Don Harvey back they would have, shit happens, if you’re going to let a minor recasting of a character that was onscreen for all of two minutes ruin your enjoyment of the best show on television’s finale, well… that’s your loss.

  10. robonick360
    robonick360 says:

    The recast only comes off badly cuz it sounds like these lines were recorded in a damn sound booth. We haven’t even gotten a chance to actually see the guy act. Y’all gotta chill.

  11. ThatGothGamer Daven
    ThatGothGamer Daven says:

    The reason of yeh re-casting is the actor is a pretty big actor. This show was lucky to have him snd when you hire name talent you take the risk that they maybe busy and not able to come back to the show.

  12. Omar Montes
    Omar Montes says:

    People . Chill out. Not everything is perfect. The old Jeff was a key piece in the show we own this city on hbo. Bob had a heart attack . And oh yeah the pandemic hit.. the time line for old jeff changed as did bcs . not his fault. So let’s give the new guy a chance because what if he’s actually good u know. I trust in Vince and Peter

  13. D-Nasty
    D-Nasty says:

    Everyone needs to attack Vince Gilligan and Peter Goulds social media and stop this from airing. Id rather they delay the show and get the original Jeff back. Wasn't fat Todd bad enough?

  14. Mendoza’s Coyote
    Mendoza’s Coyote says:

    It’s sad so many people were happily anticipating the last season to see how the Gene timeline would end, and now it’s ruined because one of the most important characters of that timeline was recast…

  15. dave idmarx
    dave idmarx says:

    My question is this: in what way would Jimmy, a LAWYER to the cartel, be facing prison time? I ask this because a lot of fan vids on YouTube are postulating this theory… I can see Jimmy wanting to form a new identity to escape the cartel, but evading the law??? Seems a bit far-fetched. Any clarity here would be greatly appreciated.


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