‘You’re Not Hurting Anyone’ Talked About Scene Ep. 501 | Better Call Saul

Jimmy and Huell take to the streets for a little new business.

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Better Call Saul Talked About Scene: Season 5, Episode 1

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44 replies
  1. quasimobius
    quasimobius says:

    These are people who don't commit crimes, they "just make mistakes" as my daughter's oily-tongued new boyfriend claims. It's an interesting show, entertaining, but when these types suddenly shove their way into your real-time life, it ain't funny.

  2. Samantha Gwinn
    Samantha Gwinn says:

    Anyone notice there is like one black person on this show and on Breaking Bad as well. This scene should have been mainly black customers if we are trying for true to life, and yet not one.


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