Yusuf Hawkins: Storm Over Brooklyn (2020) | Official Trailer | HBO

A deeply emotional film with chilling resonance in today’s America, Yusuf Hawkins: Storm Over Brooklyn, explores the 30-year legacy of Yusuf’s murder as his family and friends reflect on the tragedy and the subsequent fight for justice that inspired and divided New York City.
Premieres August 12 at 9pm on HBO. #HBO #HBODocs #YusufHawkins
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Yusuf Hawkins: Storm Over Brooklyn (2020) | Official Trailer | HBO

20 replies
  1. Leonard Hall
    Leonard Hall says:

    Some of you old heads That were around back in the 80s in NYC should make videos talking about it. People my age dont know about it outside of spike lee stuff and things like this.

  2. Dino Stanisic
    Dino Stanisic says:

    Has it been proven that the used car as was real? There must be a copy of that ad in the papers archive? Did anyone find it? Going to look for a used car at 9:30 pm is a little sketchy to say the least.

  3. Karen Leader
    Karen Leader says:

    The United African Movement was the organization of record. It was not the National Action Network which you see in the background. The National Action Network didn't exist in 1989. The National Action Network came into existence in 1991. Where is the voice of Atty Alton Maddax which walked arm and arm with the Hawkins family? Why is Ed Nortin from the Honey Mooners speaking in this documentary and not Alton Maddox? In the Central Park 5 documentary why isn't Atty Alton Maddox mentioned when him and his client walked out the front door? Why is Atty Alton Maddox being written out of this history? Why is this history being told as fiction, with it's lies? What a sad day, all the elevation of our conscientiousness that Atty Maddoz provided especially in this documentary, why is it being left out???? Whoever did this video doctored this video leaving Atty Maddox out of history. This is not an accident.!!! There is no other Atty at war other then Atty Alton Maddox!!!

  4. Tony J
    Tony J says:

    Why start the video of How special Yusef was and he is going places in life..C'mon stop the BS. What happened was terrible and would have happened if white boyz walked through Bed Sty in the 80-90's. Back then, you didnt go to other neighborhoods bc it was gonna be trouble. Just stay away

  5. Andrei Kluge
    Andrei Kluge says:

    There were 2,605 murders in NYC in 1990. I lived in Brooklyn in the 1990s. One of those murders was my friend's Jewish mother, who was shot and killed in an attempted robbery of a grocery store on Flatbush. The murderers were two black males in their early 20s. Four years later a Russian Jewish friend and classmate of mine was stabbed and killed by four black youths in Midwood, in broad daylight. There was almost certainly at least some racial motives in the murders, yet no marches took place and each of these murders just got a single small writeup in the Post. Mass media is a rabid pack of vultures that prey on what's trending in politics, rile up communities and create a false sense of victimhood and blamelessness. Was it completely safe and pleasant for a black teen to walk around Bensonhurst in 1990? No, it was not. Was it completely safe and pleasant for a white teen or a Jewish woman (chinese people, arabs, indians, etc.) to walk around a black neighborhood in Brooklyn in 1990? No, it was not. Racism is wrong, period. ANY race can be racist towards another race. Persuading people otherwise is both morally wrong and dangerous.


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